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Aeternity Africa to hold Blockchain in Business event

Aeternity is one of the leading blockchain platforms for launching decentralized applications(dApps).

The Blockchain In Business event scheduled for Thursday 11th October 2018 at The Clarence House in Westlands, Nairobi from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon.

The event is being held by Aeternity which has recently began African operations.

Aeternity Africa is a software company developing decentralized applications on Aeternity blockchain (open source) platform. According to Frank The COO of Aeternity Africa

Our core objective between now and end of 2018 is to promote, showcase and demonstrate the disruptive potential of blockchain technology‘.

The expected deliverables of the Project include:

  • Promote Aeternity to be the number one go-to blockchain development environment in Africa.
  • Showcase use-cases and demonstrate how deapps built on ae solves different problems in specific industries every month.
  • Hold monthly events; bring together entrepreneurs, business leaders and decision makers from specific industries. Share with them the transformative and disruptive nature of blockchain technology. How the tech is going to change their business models, impact their bottom line and tilt the competitive landscape in their industry.

Furthermore, Aeternity Africa aims to:

  • Build a thriving ecosystem of ae blockchain application developers, designers, startup entrepreneurs, writers, artist and thought-leaders in Africa.
  • Build deapps for SMEs, StartUps and governments.
  • Create a pipeline (funnel) of consultancy projects for SMEs and governments.

Target Audience for the event

  • Decision makers in SMEs (CEO, COO, CBDOs)
  • IT experts and tech project managers in SMEs (CTOs)
  • Established and Aspiring  tech entrepreneurs
  • Aspiring blockchain developers
  • Thought leaders
  • Writers, bloggers, Artists and Creative’s

What the audience care about when considering Aeternity product

  • Can our product solve challenges inherent in their industry?
  • What is the ease of using the final product?
  • How scalable are the deapps built on aeternity?
  • What security features sets aeternity platform apart from competing platforms?

some of Aeternity’s closest Competitors are:

  • Eos
  • Cardano
  • Waves

How aeternity is different from close competition

aeternity implements a hybrid of Proof-Of-Work and Proof-Of-Stake consensus algorithm while completion like Eos uses unproven Delegated Proof-Of-Stake consensus algorithms

aeternity platform is built for mobile decentralized applications, making it most suitable for the African Continent. Competition like Etherium, Eos and even Bitcoin Cash are only capable of web applications

aeternity is being built for scalable deapps; It’s the first 3rd generation blockchain platform to implement “Bitcoin-NG”; a feature that reduces latency in confirming transactions. Poised to offer unlimited number of transactions per second.

You can read more about aeternity on this chat we had with aeternity team earlier this year when they were in Nairobi for the world blockchain summit..

Perception of the Industry at the Moment

Most people can’t differentiate between blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Blockchain is imagined to be a technology applicable only in the distant future.

So far, there is not tangible use-case/solution that has been implemented successfully to convince the crowd/masses about the importance and relevance of blockchain in our day-to-day engagement.

Frank further outlines their mission as:

  • From talking-heads to developers of real blockchain solutions in Africa.
  • Challenge the status quo, push and bulldoze the SMEs, Governments and StartUps to take blockchain technology with the seriousness it deserves.
  • Make Africa blockchain, ICO and Cryptocurrency friendly.
The event is invite only with limited slots. If you’d like to take part get in touch with Frank on
+254 713 076686


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