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Chris Makubi

Young Simba, interests in tech startups, techno culture, blockchain and tea(lots). believes in our collective ability to harness new technologies and new ways of thinking to build the future of Africa and developing markets. Machu Picchu on my mind. chris@coinweez.com

Ammbr- share WiFi and get paid

Leveraging blockchain technology, Ammbr is helping users to share WiFi® with neighbors and the community, and earn income while doing so.  Combining expertise in blockchain and...

SMARTCASH -new cryptocurrency

Smartcash Welcome to the new world of SmartCash, a cryptocurrency designed with fungibility, inclusivity, ROI, merchants, and community in mind.  SmartCash is leveraging on the...

Cryptocurrencies: Alternatives to Bitcoin, PART 2

Alternatives to Bitcoin Cryptocurencies have continued to grow since the introduction of Bitcoin in 2009. In the previous post we started evaluating the different alternatives to...

Alternatives to Bitcoin: Forms of cryptocurrencies: PART 1

Alternatives to Bitcoin have continued to come up since its introduction in 2009. However, Bitcoin is still one of the main forms of cryptocurrencies...
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