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Research/writing about crypto/blockchain & optimistic about potential in developing markets. Will travel for food. Let's work together chris@coinweez.com

Ammbr- share WiFi and get paid

Leveraging blockchain technology, Ammbr is helping users to share WiFi® with neighbors and the community, and earn income while doing so.  Combining expertise in blockchain and...

SMARTCASH -new cryptocurrency

Smartcash Welcome to the new world of SmartCash, a cryptocurrency designed with fungibility, inclusivity, ROI, merchants, and community in mind.  SmartCash is leveraging on the...

Cryptocurrencies: Alternatives to Bitcoin, PART 2

Alternatives to Bitcoin Cryptocurencies have continued to grow since the introduction of Bitcoin in 2009. In the previous post we started evaluating the different alternatives to...

Alternatives to Bitcoin: Forms of cryptocurrencies: PART 1

Alternatives to Bitcoin have continued to come up since its introduction in 2009. However, Bitcoin is still one of the main forms of cryptocurrencies...
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