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I know what you are probably thinking.... Yes, we do publish guest posts. If you have a kickass article, or an educative piece, or maybe you are a just a great storyteller but haven't found an outlet yet? Shoot us an email at contact@coinweez.com and we will publish your article. PS: All guest posts must meet our editorial policy to be published.

10 Most Common Myths About Cryptocurrencies

You probably want to invest in cryptocurrency but you have too many questions yet to be answered. Multiple myths surround Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies which...

What are smart cards in relation to blockchain technology?

Smart cards could be key to solving some existing blockchain mass adoption problem. Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that is disruptive in nature for...

How dApp Development Will Change in the Next 5 Years

Dapp development is one of the areas gaining massive growth in blockchain. It can be challenging for a blockchain developer to stay current on...
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