AVALO-energy is using blockchain technology to boost renewable energy supply and access

AVALO-energy is a blockchain platform that has been created to support green energy in an aim to minimize blackout risks, eliminate middlemen, and build an E-Power Payment to be used by its community. AVALO-energy has a vision to change the current conditions in the energy sector that are keen on using outdated technology while exploiting the environment instead of using the already available technology and funds for the production of renewable energy. Through this platform, AVALO-energy hopes to break through the long chain of suppliers who exploit nations and continents just to maximize their profit.

In order to support this mission, AVALO-energy has launched an IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) with the AVALO Token (AVTO) that started on 8.10.2019. An IEO is similar to an ICO, but the main difference is that an IEO is offered through an exchange and not directly to investors. Only exchange members can participate in an IEO and public investors interested would have to join the exchange in order to participate. The major motivation for AVALO-energy to conduct an IEO is to ensure that investors can easily access the tokens and to ensure they are immediately available for trading on the exchange upon completion of the sale. As such, AVALO-energy has taken a step to show its investors that their money and tokens are in a safe platform by issuing an IEO.

The AVALO token (AVTO) will enable users to engage with the platform from an early stage, make peer-to-peer payments for energy and get paid for producing energy. AVALO will rely on decentralized platforms in the early stages of the IEO and anyone who would like to support the project can buy AVALO tokens on these platforms using ETH. Affiliates and AVALO license owners can exchange the collected AVALO coins into AVTO through AVALO’s back office using an ERC-20 compatible Ethereum wallet.

AVALO-energy also has what is referred to as an AVALO Box which is a rich community feature based on a minicomputer that connects to all home networks; LAN and WLAN. With it, every community member and customer can participate in the AVALO-energy decentralized blockchain landscape from any location across the world. The AVALO Box serves as a node in the network to secure decentralized inventory of the AVALO blockchain. Transactions made in the AVALO network can be confirmed through the AVALO Box while transaction blocks can be stored. The AVALO Box can also be expanded with different types of applications that store their collected data in the AVALO network in a decentralized, anonymous and encrypted manner.

A smartphone app is provided so that the owner can conveniently connect to the AVALO Box. The AVALO App is the hub for setup, monitoring, wallet, crypto transactions and community features. With the help of maps in the AVALO app you can see in the community where the next AVALO box is located. This is useful when you are traveling. AVALO Community members can support each other by sharing their power, configuring their AVALO Box as a WLAN hotspot or simply providing local information in the network.

AVALO-energy will use the AVALO Box to physically move into the European market by seamlessly integrating into the existing smart home networks or forming a basis for new networks.  With the many features of the AVALO Box such as HDMI, CPU and RAM, USB, Camera, Minidisplay for users with the AVALO Box with POS, and Bluetooth, it has the classic hardware functions of a conventional PC, and even more. Users with the AVALO Box can relocate and not suffer any expenses since the box acts as a take-away electricity meter.

AVALO-energy seeks to be your one-stop-shop for all energy needs. The provision of the AVALO Box with its myriad of features and components eliminates the need for charging ports all over a house, while ensuring electricity is saved. It is without a doubt a necessity for the world to embrace green energy, if not to save on the rising costs of energy, then to conserve the environment and reduce global warming.

With a platform with these features, investors are guaranteed a wealth of good not only for themselves, but for their environment and future generations. Therefore, getting involved early in this platform can help you to better understand the AVALO-energy ecosystem and earn from the blockchain integration. You can do this by joining the ongoing IEO through

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