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Bityard providing world’s largest cryptocurrency contracts exchange platform


About Bityard

Bityard is the world leading cryptocurrency contracts exchange platform providing customers from more than 150 countries with safe, simple and fast digital currency trading services. Bityard is famous for its “complex contract, simple design” concept, which pairs all trades against USDT as it is stable compared to other cryptocurrencies. Many investors in the crypto space have preferred USDT as their hedge, hence Bityard offers trading pairs such as BTC/USDT, EOS/USDT and includes other mainstream digital currencies such as forward perpetual contract transactions.

Bityard is a licensed organization which allows it to operate in many jurisdictions. It has obtained financial licenses issued by four national institutions, which are: The Business Administration of Singapore (ACRA), The United States Financial Supervisory Authority (MSB), The Australian Transaction Reporting and Analysis Center (AUSTRAC) and the Estonian Financial Regulatory Authority (MTR).

Cryptocurrency Spot Trading Services

Bityard has partnered with Binance to launch cryptocurrency spot trading. Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of volume, and it provides its users with a platform for trading various cryptocurrencies. The partnership makes Binance the liquidity provider.

Spot trading involves crypto assets that are traded for immediate delivery in the market. A spot transaction is an agreement between two parties to exchange one currency against another currency. The agreement is considered as a contract that is carried out at the present market value.

Bityard will trade more than 30 mainstream currencies including Bitcoin and Uniswap. Traders on the platform can carry out transactions immediately using the current value of the currencies at the time of trade.

Binance will act as the liquidity provider by facilitating trading in the cryptocurrencies available and providing a pool of their assets, so that buyers and sellers can trade easily without having to locate and deal with other individual traders. Liquidity providers are the market makers who act at both ends of the transactions by selling and buying assets at set prices. The presence of Binance as the liquidity provider can work positively for the market by influencing a greater price stability of listed assets and improve liquidity by making it safer.

Spot trading in cryptocurrencies is an easy way to access the market as its straightforward for all traders, especially novices. It entails both fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-crypto trading. Negotiations between involved parties can be competitive as a large number of buyers can engage in a price war hence offering the best price to both buyer and seller.

Bityard will provide an accurate system that is transparent and regulated, eliminating the fear of irregular transactions that can be common in the crypto market.

Copy Trading Services

Copy trading involves mimicking the trading strategy or moves of another trader. Platforms that offer copy trading services enable traders to select a trader whose trading move is to be mimicked. As soon as the selected trader executes any trade, the same trade is executed on behalf of the first trader on their trading account.

Bityard allows all users to benefit from its platform by making it easy to create an account and start trading. It adheres to the consistent idea of complex contract, simple trade, thereby creating simple solutions to the trading quagmire for many novice traders.

Bityard provides a simple, safe, and transparent platform to bring a more convenient trading system to users who have no crypto related background. The copy trading service is the best example for this, as a new trader can benefit from an experienced trader’s knowledge and trading strategy.

On the Bityard platform traders are divided into ordinary traders and star traders. They enjoy 8% and 10% of copy trade profit respectively.  Ordinary traders need to provide relevant documents and information for KYC which are strictly verified and evaluated before an account can be opened and the cumulative recharge amount is greater or equal to 500 USDT for ordinary traders.

When users of Bityard copy other advanced traders and investors, the advanced traders receive an additional revenue from each successful trade copied. This benefits both parties, allowing experienced traders to also benefit from moves made by novice traders. The relationship is therefore symbiotic, as opposed to parasitic where the copier trader would be the only party benefiting.

Traders are required to have a trading strategy which they follow so that other traders who would like to copy their trading moves have an idea of this strategy and make an informed decision. Traders are also required by Bityard to have an active trading status to allow others to understand their trading behavior and strategies in time to maintain a good relationship. These rules are meant to protect novice traders from malicious behavior in the trading space, and allow them the opportunity to make informed decisions before copying a trade.

Star traders are promoted on the platform based on the effectiveness of ordinary traders. This ensures that they follow the rules of the platform, and use the best strategies to trade. Professional traders from other platforms do not need to go through the sign up process but can apply to Bityard’s star traders directly through https://forms.gle/kbrh85ip7c6L9qK68 and enjoy the 10% profit.


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