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Bitzlato Rewarding You and Your Friends with $20

Bitzlato in Kenya
Bitzlato in Kenya

The bitcoin and cryptocurrency space is growing each day with different teams looking to drive increased adoption of digital assets worldwide. One such company is Bitzlato that is celebrating its launch in Kenya by rewarding new users and their invitees to use their services. Bitzlato is a peer-to-peer (p2p) cryptocurrency exchange aiding bitcoin and crypto users to buy and sell their digital assets with the utmost ease. 

Why a Peer to Peer (P2P) Cryptocurrency Exchange Matter

There are different ways to buy bitcoin including the use of centralized exchanges such as Coinbase, Binance among others. These centralized exchanges attract challenges such as high transaction fees, vulnerable to cyber-attack leading to loss of user’s funds. It is also possible to buy or sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from other people directly in a face-to-face transaction or online. However, the latter approach brings in the issue of individual security and possible loss of funds to scammers not to mention the inconvenience of traveling to meet an interested party. The reason p2p exchanges are gaining popularity as a way to buy and sell Bitcoin more so, in Africa.

A peer-to-peer exchange is a platform aiding ability of buyers and sellers of cryptocurrencies to transact directly. It works the same way you can meet someone to trade with but it’s not limited to geographical location as participants can transact online as long as their needs match. As such Bitzlato a p2p exchange is rewarding Kenyans with $20 for every referral or a new user they bring into the platform.

Instructions on How to Earn the $20 with Bitzlato

  1. Create or sign up an account with Bitzlato via this link.
  2. Once logged in find your referral link within your profile setting.
  3. Copy the link and share the link with your friends.

It gets interesting with Bitzlato because you can create a gift code with any amount in your preferred cryptocurrency, share this with your friends including via social media. The first person to follow the link or scan the gift QR code instantly receives amounted pledged.

The $20 referral reward is structured as follows:

  1. Immediately you as the fist user sign’s up and verifies your account, you receive $5 in Bitcoin.
  2. Any other use that joins Bitzlato using your referral link and verifies his or her account, you get another $5.
  3. If any of the invited users deposit cryptocurrency from 0.001 BTC or more into his or her Bitzlato wallet, you receive another $5.
  4. Finally, if the user invited completes at least 1 transaction for any amount on Bitzlato exchange, you get the last $5.

What’s more, this $20 in total is just for one user, hence, if you can multiply this with the number of users you invite and they start using the exchange to receive, sell or buy cryptocurrencies.

Why you should join Bitzlato:

Notwithstanding the above rewards, Bitzlato is an exciting and innovative p2p exchange with amazing features namely:

  1. Easy verification process: the exchange boasts of the easiest user verification process, as they do not have a tiring KYC policy, because with its p2p model users only need a marketplace to transact and engage themselves.
  2. Zero to 0.5% exchange fees- yes, you heard it right zero trading fees! on cryptos such as Litecoin (LTC), Dash, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), USDT, and Doge. Bitcoin and Ether are also traded for free on Bitzlato during regular promotions such as the “Free Weekends” promotion. However, even in cases where the trading fee applies it’s held between 0.5 to 1%, which is way cheaper compared to other exchanges in the market.
  3. Multi-currency support- the platform allows you to trade several cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ether, USDT, DOGE, DASH, and Litecoin with more pairs to be added soon.
  4. Profitable affiliate programs- with Bitzlato you can create a new channel of massive passive income. Users can receive up to 100 percent of commissions paid by your affiliates. Additionally, these incomes are remitted into your wallet immediately after your affiliate transacts, and joins the platform. For instance, you can earn 8% of fees resulting from one of the affiliate’s advert. Further, another 32% if an affiliate responds to an advert.
  5. Transaction Stability- using Bitzlato’s 2monolith a user worried about the value of his or her funds depreciating due to crypto market volatility can change their held funds in preferred crypto to stablecoin such as USDT.
  6. Multi-payment options- it is possible to buy cryptocurrencies from local banking systems, electronic money among other tools. For more information about this please join the local community group and DM the admin.
  7. Access to an exchange- users interested to trade cryptocurrency pairs in real-time can do so using the Bitzlato exchange.
  8. Mobile App- the team is working on a mobile application the first one in the peer-to-peer market and one that supports transactions in the African continent. Meaning with the mobile you will be able to access the platform anytime, anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. 

For more information join their telegram group via the following link and engage the admin on your interests Bitzlato Telegram


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