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Blockchain Co-Working spaces across the World

Co-working spaces have sprout up across the world in different cities to help people share workplaces while they perform independent activities. Unlike in the typical traditional offices, those sharing the co-working spaces are not employed by the same organization, or the owners of the office space.

Co-working spaces are mostly attractive to independent contractors, freelancers and work-at-home professionals. This style of working offers a solution to the problems experienced by freelancers such as isolation, boredom and slow network speeds while helping them escape distractions associated with working from home.

Blockchain co-working spaces have also picked up in the recent past, with organizations setting up across different towns. One of the most re-known blockchain co-working spaces has been set up in Philippines in Makati City.

The Philippines-based workspace provider Acceler8 by UnionSpace in collaboration with fintech company SCI announced the launch of this first blockchain space on 8th June. The company had also launched a co-working space in West Jakarta, Indonesia and is also looking forward to more locations in the region. This space focuses on bringing fintech companies in Southeast Asia closer by offering collaborative events such as workshops, training sessions, seminars and networking.

Another aim for this move is to grow the industry. This will be achieved by hosting modules which cover beginner to advanced levels. Blockchain Space Philippines Lead, Peter Ing said that they will equip members of the community with tools to grow regionally in Southeast Asia through access to capital and network and also offer legal and technical advisory services.

Full Node, a Berlin blockchain co-working space was set to open in March of this year, with a capacity of 100 people. The space was meant to host only blockchain-based startups and host community events to help people understand the technology. Full Node planned to use locking system to secure the co-working space. relies on the blockchain technology and IoT and does not only provide access to members but also provides smart contracts. Members can exchange money or assets of value in a transparent way through this technology.

BuroHQ is another co-working space located in the Lower East Side in New York City. They describe themselves as a creative think tank full of ambitious entrepreneurs. However, this space does not restrict companies to only crypto and blockchain startups as there are fashion, fintech and media companies under the shared space.

Another co-working space in New York is Crypto NYC, which is a 100% blockchain focused, agnostic community space, design studio and lab. It is dedicated to connecting and educating innovators to improve lives in NYC and around the world by the use of dapps and distributed ledger. Crypto NYC seeks to raise awareness of blockchain while striving to make the technology accessible to everyone. They also have a mission of curating the best blockchain related content and events in and around New York City.

Primalbase is one of the most successful startups in the blockchain space under co-working space. Their aim is to transform traditional office rental and create a next-gen community-based ecosystem. They enable sharing, selling and renting out of high-quality working space using Ethereum and Waves-based digital tokens.

Users purchase Primal Base Token (PBT) which gives them a space in various co-working spaces spread out across different cities. Only holders of the tokens are allowed into the co-working spaces. Ownership of the tokens and co-working space can be transferred to others by selling or renting. Once a user has bought PBT, they are required to set up an account on the Primalbase website to book a desk in any of the available locations.

Another blockchain co-working space is Orchardblock which works alongside Citdex, an incubator and accelerator. Blockchain startups get a chance to grow and scale their businesses by collaborating with these two brands. The co-working space provides a workspace where one can learn, work and grow together with other blockchain companies in their mission to build a crypto future. Orchardblock and Citdex invest and partners with tokenized communities which create new decentralized economies through their accelerator program.

As the blockchain space keeps growing, there will be a lot of other developments that are aimed at bringing the community together and increasing decentralization. These co-working spaces are not the only ones in existence across the world. There are others and more will be created to cater for the growing crypto community.



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