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Crypto.com enables you to buy Airtime and send crypto to friends for free

Crypto.com App

With crypto.com app you can buy over 70 cryptocurrencies in the app with your debit card. Recently, the app added Kenya Shilling as payment currency on the app meaning that users can buy crypto at low cost without having to bear the currency conversion fees.

The feature-packed app has various functionalities such as staking and crypto Visa card being the most widely used. However, i found out other features that come in handy as well.

Some of the easily overlooked features of crypto.com app is the ability to purchase airtime and send crypto to friends in your contact list.

As for Airtime purchase, you can easily buy Airtime with Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, CRO, XRP and ETH

When you buy with CRO, you get 2.5% or upto 5% cashback on the purchase

You can top up your phone or someone else’s phone. Supported operators currently are: Airtel, Telkom and Orange

Send to friends

Another cool feature is ability to send crypto to anyone else with the app in the contact list. Unlike on-chain transactions, this is instant and does not need to use public key and long waiting time. The option can be found by going to Crypto Pay section and click on ‘Send’, it auto populates the people in your contact list and you can search, if your friend does not have the app, you can still send and when they download the app, they will get the funds.

There are a tone of other features within the crypto.com ecosystem such as recently launched Defiswap for farming defi coins, as well as supercharger. You can find out more by joining the Crypto.com Kenyan community on Telegram on https://t.me/Cryptocom_KE


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