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Crypto Marketing: 4 Techniques of Conducting a Result-oriented Campaign

It’s no secret that blockchain technology is causing ripples worldwide as major firms, like PayPal, Goldman Sachs, and others, support BTC and other virtual currencies. Furthermore, tens if not hundreds of blockchain projects emerge each month. The competition is stiff. Blockchain projects that want to succeed in this highly competitive market must identify the best crypto marketing strategies and invest in them.  

Blockchain marketing companies use various techniques to promote your project. Here, we shed light on four methods that crypto marketing companies use to promote your project.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a valuable lead generation technique for your crypto offerings. The strategy entails partnering with famous bloggers to market your blockchain project. Many investors trust public figures and make their investment decisions based on the recommendations from these influencers. So, effective influencers marketing campaigns can give your blockchain project a boost.

According to Hubspot, 49 percent of buyers depend on influencer recommendations to make their buying decisions. Crypto marketing through influencers is for you if:

  • You want to widen your reach by marketing your offerings in the language your ideal audience understands. Remember, influencers can create the marketing content on your behalf.
  • You notice a decrease in your sales and wish to enhance your sales outreach.
  • You’ve exhausted from trying all different and traditional marketing techniques. Partnering with influencers unlocks new opportunities for your crypto project.

If you’ve never worked with influencers, you may find it challenging to identify the right ones for your blockchain products. You should choose the right crypto marketing company, like TokenMinds, to help you in this connection. TokenMinds has excellent linkages with top-notch Twitter and Telegram influencers who can boost your marketing efforts.

PR and Media Outreach Campaigns

Public relations (PR) is critical in the crypto industry as it nurtures brand trust. Many consumers want to understand what the project is about before they start investing in it. PR campaigns help clients establish trust in explaining how a specific cryptocurrency can be valuable and meet investors’ expectations. In this regard, the media play an integral role in relaying messages to the right audiences.

Through PR campaigns, you can establish your brand as a thought leader and show your authenticity in the industry.

A clear PR message accompanied by a solid product can deliver excellent outcomes by increasing investor interest, attracting new audiences, and inspiring talents to work for your business. If you work with a crypto marketing company, you can get the necessary exposure via crucial media outlets, such as Coinspeaker, NewsBTC, Cointelegraph, etc. 

There are various tools that PR marketers can use, such as press releases, blog columns, interviews of top officials, and organizing media events. The type of tool to use depends on your business category.

Social media and community building

During this digital era, no promotion campaign is complete without making use of social media platforms. The crypto industry relies heavily on niche social media platforms to deliver its promotional messages. Through these platforms, you can build and engage a crypto community for your project. Here are the best social media platforms for your blockchain project:

  • Reddit: With a 5th ranking in the US and 18th globally in internet engagement, Reddit stands out as one of the most popular social media platforms for your crypto marketing campaigns. It’s the industry practice in the crypto world as crypto thought leaders, like Vitalik Buterin, hang out there.
  • Discord: The platform was initially designed for gamers, but now crypto marketing agencies adopt it for their ICO campaigns.
  • Telegram: It’s a community-driven platform that attracts many crypto marketers. Via the platform, project owners can appraise their communities in real-time. The platform has complex privacy features that keep community members free from trolls.
  • Twitter: Twitter is a mainstream social networking site, home to many crypto giants. You can easily get the latest news from the world’s most important people in the Blockchain and crypto industry.
  • Medium: it’s a popular educational platform that focuses on long forms of crypto content.

Bounty campaigns

Bounty campaigns revolve around rewarding individuals after accomplishing specific tasks related to your project. In most cases, participants in bounty campaigns get their rewards in tokens. In case you are conducting an ICO, there are two categories of ICO bounty campaigns: Pre-ICO and post-ICO bounty programs. Whereas the pre-ICO bounties come before the actual ICO, the post-ICO bonuses are carried out once the ICO is through.

The pre-ICO bounty campaigns take many forms, including social media campaign bounties, article crafting bounties, and Bitcointalk Signature Bounties. Once the ICO program is complete, a post-ICO tip can help project owners to discover any bugs in the project. The Post-ICO campaigns can also help in translating the project’s primary documents into various languages.

Final Thoughts

Blockchain technology is attracting multiple projects. You can only grab the attention of investors if you use the right marketing strategy. Here, we’ve explored four methods that crypto marketing companies use when promoting your project.

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