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CryptoBrokerage: world’s best execution crypto trading platform to launch soon

CryptoBrokerage is expected to make an immediate impact into the cryptocurrency industry with the launch of BestecX, its best execution trading platform. Unlike any other in the market, the BestecX platform enables traders to execute best trades with prices aggregated from over 200 exchanges in order to give best available prices at any given time. Described as ‘’ of cryptocurrency market, BestecX will be the single integrated gateway into the world of cryptocurrency ecosystem by providing users information to make the best decisions without having to go through countless exchanges and platforms.

The current crypto ecosystem is disjointed

The current cryptocurrency market is dominated by over 2000 cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, there are more than 200 crypto exchanges and many are coming up in the following years. An ordinary user wanting to get into the cryptocurrency ecosystem will have to navigate many websites, exchanges, and platforms in order to get the best price deals. Furthermore, the prices can fluctuate anywhere between 2% and 20% from one exchange to another. This not only complicates the process but also locks out many potential users and doesn’t increase mainstream adoption.

The problem is further compounded by the cost implications. As a user navigates the current exchanges in order to find the best prices and security features, a lot of costs are incurred in the process. Majority of the exchanges have hidden costs and there is no transparency about costs such as withdrawal, storage, selling or buying fees. This process ends up frustrating many potential adopters of cryptocurrencies.

Cutting-edge features

CryptoBrokerage promises to change all that with the launch of the BestecX platform. it has the following features to address the problem in the industry.

cryptobrokerage smartphone version
cryptobrokerage smart phone version

Best execution prices: In any form of trade system, precision in terms of buy and sell price is crucial because it determines your success as a trader. The platform gives users power to execute trades at best prices. This is done through a single and secure log-on gateway. Through API connections to multiple exchanges, CryptoBrokerage platform is able to give users the best experience than any other product in the market.

Arbitrage Platform: To take advantage of the price differences across the many exchanges, BestecX would enable our users to make profits through arbitrage trading. The BestecX arbitrage platform would constantly run in-built bots 24hours a day to determine arbitrage opportunities and allow our users to execute trades with a click of the mouse as well as automatically

Transparent fee structure: There are three plans that a user can choose: basic, premium and enterprise. The basic plan is free and targets individual investors. The premium plan costs £30 per month and targets professional traders and the third plan is Enterprise targeting institutional investors and OTC desks. For specific fees on this plan, contact the team directly.

Informational terminal: gives you up-to-date news, support, educational materials to help you navigate the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Single integrated gateway: unlike the current case of managing multiple passwords, KYC and onboarding, the CryptoBrokerage platform has a single log-on process providing the user access to various cryptocurrencies listed on multiple exchanges.

ICO platform: This platform will be providing cryptocurrency projects with an opportunity to list on CryptoBrokerage and get investors. This is meant to ease the process of conducting an ICO for crypto projects. Through a careful project shortlisting process, the platform will give investors an opportunity to invest in pre-sale as well as the main sale. To ensure transparency and authenticity, funds raised are released based on milestones met. Therefore, investors are able to avoid scams and invest in worthwhile projects.

Investment platform: an easy to use platform accessible to all based on the expertise of professional traders. Supported by artificial intelligence, it enables predictive solutions thus facilitating aggregation of best opportunities and support decision making.

Payment App: BEXT App enables users to make fast and secure payments either in fiat or crypto on various stores. Converting from crypto to fiat becomes seamless and so payments can be made using conventional methods such as debit or credit card.

Different type of investors: the platform targets a different type of investors: retail investors (B2B), institutional investors (B2B), professional traders (B2C), OTC Brokerages (B2B), cryptocurrency potentials (B2C) and Cryptocurrency Newbies (B2C).

Benefits to users

  •         Safe and secure universal gateway for all cryptocurrency trading
  •         World class aggregator function to consolidate the best available prices
  •         Fully integrated real-time consolidated data feed
  •         24 hours multilingual customer support in the following languages: English, Chinese, Korean.
  •         Decision making capability supported by artificial intelligence to guide users
  •         A smooth and simple registering and sign-up process
  •         An integrated universal wallet which provides automated maximum security
  •         BEXT token to facilitate transactions throughout the platform

Competent and experienced team

The CryptoBrokerage team has a combined 30+ years’ experience in financial systems, IT solutions, cryptocurrency exchanges, data engineering, database design, and management. Furthermore, the team has managed different projects that have been launched and implemented successfully.

The team is currently building the demo product which is scheduled to go live in January 2019. The demo will support 17 exchanges, 4 cryptocurrencies including ETH and BTC and 18 cryptocurrency pairings.

The team is also looking for private investors to help execute the project. Investors can contact the team on

if you want to discuss partnership or adding your exchange to CryptoBrokerage platform, contact the team on











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