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Cryptocurrency Exchanges in Africa

A new cryptocurrency exchange is launched every other day across the world. Africa has also seen the launch and growth of their own Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency exchanges. These have been created to help the continent have an easier time exchanging their local currencies with different digital currencies such as Bitcoin.

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These are some of the crypto exchanges in the continent;

  1. Golix

Golix is a cryptocurrency exchange platform based in Zimbabwe. Their core purpose is to provide every person in Africa financial autonomy. Golix helps people in Sub Saharan Africa to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Recently, the cryptocurrency exchange expanded to other African countries such as Kenya Uganda and South Africa.

Golix is currently on a token sale for their GLX tokens. According to Golix, GLX will provide African s with a means through which they can transfer value between fiat (local physical currency) and cryptocurrencies and give them an opportunity to invest in African crypto projects.

  1. BitPesa

BitPesa is a digital foreign exchange and payment platform that was established in Kenya in 2013. They operate in different African countries such as Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda, and DRC. BitPesa enables fast, easy and cost-effective financial transactions for frontier markets. Through BitPesa, users are able to send and receive money around the world.

Instead of following the traditional remittance procedure, all you need to do is transfer money from your bank to BitPesa, who move it directly to your destination account. Through this, you cut off middlemen, save on conversion and transfer fees as well as time.

BitPesa also allows users to send money to mobile money wallets. The platform also has other services apart from remittances such as BFX, Pesi and TransferZero.

  1. BitMari

This is one of the most innovative Bitcoin startups in the African continent. BitMari aims at incorporating cryptocurrencies into the lives of all Africans. Bitmari provides cryptocurrency exchange and remittance services by leveraging the Bitcoin blockchain, making transactions faster and extremely low in prices and also providing mobile wallets.

Bitmari was founded in 2015 in Zimbabwe and has been currently on a mission to spread to other different African states. They offer a pan African Bitcoin wallet which is used to send money to Zimbabwe.

Bitmari supports different languages such as Shona Ndebele, Swahili, Tswana, Zulu Sotho and Wolof. Users can use the referral program on the platform and earn up to 25% commission on transaction fees by referring others to send money through Bitmari.

  1. Remitano

Remitano is a peer to peer Bitcoin exchange platform that was founded in Seychelles as a product of Babylon Solutions Limited. The cryptocurrency platform has a simple user interface, friendly online 24/7 customer support, and low fees compared to other major players in the market.

Remitano has services in different countries such as US, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Kenya, Vietnam, Cambodia and China. They provide an escrowed P2P Bitcoin marketplace where buyers and sellers can interact easily and safely using their local currencies.

  1. Abra

Abra is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that offers simplified cryto investing. The platform also provides an app that supports 25 coins. Therefore, you can buy, store and invest your cryptocurrencies using this safe app. Users can add fiat to the Abra app from any location in the world and exchange the fiat into any cryptocurrency of their choice on the site. You can invest in different cryptos at once and manage all your investment in one place.

The cryptocurrency exchange platform has a user-friendly interface that allows you to check prices of cryptos, track progress and access your investment in one place, without using different wallets. Abra only uses Bitcoin as their underlying asset for extending your investment into other cryptocurrencies.

  1. GeoPay

GeoPay was founded in South Africa in 2014. It is a new, decentralized multi cryptocurrency exchange and crypto asset exchange system. The platform has a wallet, uberpay, which allows users to swap altcoins for Bitcoin, gold or silver. The aim of this cryptocurrency exchange platform is to make it easy for everyone to adapt and own cryptocurrencies. Geopay uses coinswap on their wallet to enable users to easily convert their Litecoin to Ethereum without visiting an exchange.

  1. NairaExchange

Naira Exchange is a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange platform founded in Nigeria. The platform allows users to buy and sell Bitcoin in Naira through a fast, simple and less costly manner. NairaEx has a processing period of 4-12 hours, with an average of 4 hours. The platform allows users to get their funds into any Nigerian bank at low fees.

Additionally, NairaEx has a referral program that users can share and earn a commission each time their referral makes a trade. The platform is easy to use and has a simple sign up process which allows you to get started trading BTC easily and fast.

  1. BitSpark

Bitspark was established in Hong Kong by George Harrap and Maxine Ryan as a cryptocurrency exchange for Bitcoin and altcoins. BitSpark is now a remittance and exchange platform for money transfer operators and remittance industry stakeholders. The platform helps money transfer businesses to send and receive cash remittance payments through the use of the blockchain to more than 100000 cash out locations globally.

Bitspark provides a free cloud-based platform for MTOs to receive, manage or send remittances, receive detailed business analytics and manage due diligence for customers. Through this platform, users can exchange and send cryptos at a faster and cheaper rate.

  1. CryptoChange

CryptoChange is a South Africa based Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange that has been operating since 2016. They provide a diverse range of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin and others.

CryptoChange enables users to purchase Bitcoin and exchange to other cryptocurrencies from their South African banks through direct bank transfers. mostly, the platform also helps users to exchange BTC to PayPal. The platform feature both KYC and AML that require users to provide a wide range of different identity documents.

  1. BitWala

Bitwala is a cryptocurrency exchange platform based in Berlin but with existence in over 200 countries. Bitwala allows Bitcoin Banking where users will store, receive and send BTC securely and manage their transactions in one place. They aim at being the bridge between cryptocurrencies and banks.

Bitwala allows for smooth banks transfers, processing of both credit and debit cards, a secure wallet and an easy API which allow third-party integration. Their contactless debit card will allow users to spend their crypto online and offline and instantly withdraw from millions of ATMs anywhere in the world.

  1. KoboCoin

Kobocoin was founded by Felix Onyemech Ugoji, a Nigerian businessman and London-based developer. It is a decentralized peer to peer digital currency and micropayment system which seeks to change how Africans send, swap, send and receive Bitcoins.

Through Kobocoin, you are assured of fast, private, secure and minimal fee transactions. The cryptocurrency exchange transactions are not tied to any phone or bank network hence anyone can use the service. In addition, they allow users to transact with their local currencies, with stakeholder rewards attached.

  1. PayPlux

PayPlux is formerly a Ghanaian cryptocurrency exchange platform but now provides services across Africa. It is a platform for electronic transactions. Payplux offers payment solutions to both individuals and large companies wishing to transfer or exchange funds through a fair and personal approach.

Through the Payplux platform, a user can buy or sell perfect money, Bitcoin, Webmoney, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. Payplux offers better rates and faster cryptocurrency exchange and other monetary exchanges as compared to other platforms in the market.

  1. Belfrics

Belfrics is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that provides a simple user interface for fast and easy transactions. The company was launched in Kenya but has recently expanded to Tanzania. In order to start exchanging/trading Bitcoins on the platform, users need to create an account, add funds to the account through cash deposits or bank transfer and then provide their preferred bank account. The purpose of this bank account is so the user can receive their payments.

Belfrics keeps users updated on the prices of Bitcoin and current rates before they can start trading. Their wallet has an automated deep freeze storage that is safe and rare ensuring traders are safe. Belfrics offers different advantages to traders such as a fair market and exchange aggregation. Other Belfrics services include a mobile debit card, POS, Bitcoin web payment gateway and buying and selling of BTC.

  1. Local Bitcoins

This is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows people from different countries to exchange their local currencies for Bitcoins. Through this platform, users can advertise their buying and selling rates, their location and methods of buying or selling. Interested traders can choose who to buy or sell to and arrange how their transaction will proceed.

Local Bitcoins have an escrow service whereby the Bitcoins are placed in their web wallet to ensure transparency as well as reduce frauds on the site.

  1. CoinPesa

Coinpesa is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum. The platform seeks to boost exchange convenience for their users by integrating popular payment methods in different locations such as mobile money. In addition, they are setting up digital currency agents in different locations to help users carry out transactions in person.

CoinPesa makes it simple for anyone in Africa to access digital currency services by offering different services like multicurrency pairs, over the counter payments, fast and reliable trades and mobile transactions. The sign-up process is simple and quick, with only two steps required before you can buy Bitcoin or other supported currencies.


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