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Elk: making blockchain development for embedded devices 10x more seamless

Elk is on a mission to bring blockchain and decentralization into the physical world. Elk, our first product, is a hardware development board for building blockchain-connected devices. It is plug-and-play just like an Arduino, offers over-the-air upgrades, and includes a mobile app that allows you to communicate with your hardware privately through decentralized technologies.


Elk lets you start building the devices of tomorrow. Build an electric socket that people can rent with Ethereum, or lock Bitcoin into a treadmill that you can only get back when you work out, or build a serverless home automation system that respects your privacy using the Whisper messaging protocol. The possibilities are truly endless.

Elk is fully open-source and supports a multitude of decentralized technologies including Ethereum, Bitcoin, IPFS, IOTA, Whisper, and more. You can use it to build devices and sensors that interact with smart contracts, accept crypto payments, and communicate privately with no central servers.

We believe current blockchain development is subpar, let alone blockchain development for embedded devices. There’s room to make a 10x improvement in its UX, and that’s what we’re set out to do. With Elk, you won’t have to deal with wallet and keys management, fuss over setting up nodes, tune their parameters to run well on an embedded device, handle crashes, etc. We are delivering the Arduino-like experience to blockchain development, with all the libraries that Arduino already supports.

Key Differentiator

There are two major differentiators for Elk:

1. A 10x better UX for blockchain development

Elk makes blockchain development for embedded devices 10x more seamless. It offers the following:

  • a plug-and-play experience, just like an Arduino. You won’t need to deal with wallet and keys management, fuss over setting up nodes, tune their parameters to run well on an embedded device, handle crashes, etc.
  • an app for communicating with your devices privately. With just a couple of lines of code, you’ll be able to build devices that you can control remotely with no central servers using the Elk app and the Whisper messaging protocol. Here’s an example of how to control a lightbulb through decentralized technologies with Elk – no “cloud” or servers required.
  • over-the-air upgrades over WiFi for a seamless cable-free experience.

2. True Decentralization

Elk is a hardware development board that offers true decentralization. By default and when possible, Elk runs a light node and communicates directly with the blockchain and not through a hosted service. Elk pushes decentralization all the way to the embedded device itself.

Where To Get It

Elk will be available to pre-order next month (June 2019) through a Kickstarter campaign, and will be shipped by the end of the year. You can sign up at to get your early bird discount.


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