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Gamblica: Innovative Blockchain Based Gambling Platform Built by Players for Players

Gamblica, an innovatively designed international gambling platform powered by the ground-breaking blockchain technology, is all set to start its token sale campaign on March 1. Built by the players for the players, Gamblica is looking to initiate a new era in the global gambling industry by addressing long standing problems such as trust and protection of personal data.

International blockchain based online gambling operator Gamblica is pleased to reveal that their upcoming token sale campaign will get underway on March 1. This unique ecosystem has been created by a group of gambling enthusiasts with the objective of revolutionizing the idea of online gambling by making it safe, transparent, and scalable like never before.  The token sale will take place over five stages, with 80 million GMBC tokens (the official token of the Gamblica platform) up for grabs during each stage.

The global market for online gambling and betting has experienced a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9% over the past seven years. This promising market environment can be attributed to the recent influx of the internet and evolution of mobile devices. However, the growth of this industry has been obstructed significantly by the fraudulent behavior of some operators. As a result, many avid players opt to stay away from these platforms because they are afraid of issues such as rigged random number generators, account blocking or issues related to receiving payouts.

The team Gamblica claims that they have created a system that guarantees the transparency and fairness of every gambling activity, including online casino games, sports betting and poker. The core design of the platform solves all the problems gamblers face in terms of trust, international market entry, and personal data protection. Most importantly, Gamblica allows anyone the freedom to review all operational activities of the gambling operator through an open public ledger with mathematical proof of authenticity.

Some of the most important benefits of the platform include

  • Universal and scalable system and there is no need to modify the program across regions
  • User account or withdrawals cannot be blocked by the casino
  • No limits except for those imposed by Ethereum Transaction Throughput
  • Faster transactions around the world with lower transaction costs
  • RNG can be validated by anyone using the casino’s public key and a blockchain record

One of the key aspects of Gamblica is that all its products are created for the end-users, rather than the B2B platforms. It has been observed that B2B projects often provide unfair advantages to the casinos to attract them towards buying their product. As a result, many casinos end up purchasing products they do not need, leading to a fall in the value of the token. Gamblica makes honest products for people that truly love and appreciate them, the players. In contrast to hundreds of other blockchain projects that come up with their MVP after several months, Gamblica has done exceedingly well to provide the MVP well within the tokenail period. Another exceptional feature of the platform is that it will only be available as software, not a web interface. This will relieve the users from VPN related problems.

Many of today’s gambling platforms are founded and run by financiers, developers, traders with very little or no passion for gambling. However, Gamblica understands the requirements of the users of the platform because it has been built by a group of individuals with rich gambling backgrounds. This is one factor that certainly minimizes the probability of their product becoming squalid in the long run.

GMBC is the means of payment within the Gamblica platform that serves as in-game currency and is used for betting and paying entry fees on the platform. The users will be able to buy tokens for fiat or cryptocurrency through the interface of the software tokens at the market prices and play. Gamblica in turn, will constantly support the fund at the expense of stock exchanges. All related legal requirements in this regards have already been addressed.

There is no denying the fact that gambling is an ever-growing market and Gamblica stands a great chance to enjoy a share of this huge global industry by fixing some its most glaring problems.

Mentioned below are some key details related to the token sale.

Token Name: GMBC

Hard Cap: 40,000 ETH

Total Supply: 840,000,000

1 GMBC: 0.0001 ETH

To find out more, please visit

About Gamblica: Gamblica is an international gambling platform based on innovative digital solutions and blockchain technology.  The project is led by a team of managers with extensive experience in the field of gambling, dedicated to providing a pleasant and convenient user experience. Gamblica addresses the global problem of gambling fraud by giving each player an opportunity to check and verify the casino’s algorithms.

Contact: Andrey Shevelev




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