Guide to navigating the Crypto Universe: platforms & people

Navigating the cryptocurrency and blockchain space can be daunting even for a seasoned enthusiast. Following what’s happening only from the mainstream publications may not give you a true picture of the cryptospace. Mainstream adoption has not happened yet, so the majority of the debates takes place in groups and online communities that have different types of people in the space. In this guide I list the main platforms you should follow if you want to get into the cryptocurrency and blockchain rabbit hole

Crypto twitter: Pulse for knowing the sentiments going on in the space at any particular day. This is the ground zero for crypto tweets, rapid-fire, meme, whale-alerts, breaking news, trader’s charts, statistics, links to articles, etc. It can be brutal. Here’s what I know for sure, you will find all kinds of people here: bitcoin maximalists, crypto believers, doomsday crusaders and everything in between. If you can be able to maneuver crypto twitter, you will understand the true underbelly of crypto revolution. If you follow some interesting folks on crypto twitter you can get some wider understating of the space:@aantonop @Apompliano, @CZ_Binance, @nic_carter @balajis @melt_dem @TuurDemeester, @pesa_africa among others.

Once in awhile amidst all the developments, you might some interesting threads not available in other forums. Even US President Trump made a thread about bitcoin and Libracoin by Facebook.

Extratip: just don’t stay there too much on days of crazy price swings, stretch. smile.

Reddit: This extension of twitter, for longer-form analysis, discussion and debates. You can also find good links/posts and news about the latest happenings. It depends on the subreddits you follow. The main one is of course: r/bitcoin with 1 million followers and countless others such as R/cryptocurrency. You can follow any other project such as Ethereum, Stellar, etc by joining their subreddit. There you’ll find all types of discussions pertaining to that token. Also famous crypto figures host their AMAs(Ask me anything) on Reddit- Binance, coinbase, etc.

Linkedin:  crypto skills marketplace. Different types of people showcasing their competencies. A specific phenomenon you’ll find on crypto LinkedIn is thought leadership short videos about what’s happening in the space. This could be explainer vides about specific concepts in crypto, conference updates and personal opinions about various stuff. If you want to get hired or looking to hire, this would also be a good place to check out. You might also get interesting posts on Linkedin blog section about the same. There is also a lot of salesmanship and marketing going on with links and offers.

Medium: where thought leader posts are posted. If you like long posts about specific topics in crypto, you can find them here. Most of them are well-thought-out and offer insights into broader blockchain areas. Also most crypto company updates will appear on their medium accounts. You can easily create medium account as an extension of your twitter profile and subscribe to receive updates about specific topics. One that I have read and enjoyed lately is Bitcoin, a-most-peaceful-revolution.

Telegram: Home of crypto groups and channels. Telegram (the company) is launching its crypto project later in 2019. But even before it announced that the messaging platform has been preferred location for creating communities around your project.  A crypto project forms a telegram group and invites people to join. You can either choose to make an open group that allows for posts and updates from everyone or a channel that is solely for posting by admins. It has also a lot going on- crypto traders trader signal alerts, solicitations, etc. Why Telegram, you might ask? Well for a start it is preferred because of its security features, better-privacy-features-such-as-private channels, and other features such as automated bots, in-group search, polls, cool stickers, etc.

Bitcointalk was the earliest platforms created in 2009 by Satoshi for debates and discussions on bitcoin. This was when bitcoin was only known by handful of people. It saw massive growth during the ICO boom of 2017 as official airdrops and announcements platform. We did a more detailed post earlier on Guide to bitcointalk.

Slack: Once you join a team, slack is mainly preferred mode of communication among the core team. Trello may also be used for tracking team projects.

Physical meetups: Depending on the location you are in, there are some interesting meetups that happen in tech hubs or restaurants. You can meet some interesting people here and put tweets to face if you are lucky. Or even find someone to collaborate with. Most meetups are debates, discussions and product launches. Just don’t start a conversation with- check out my ICO which is the next big thing

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