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Hamster kombat adds to the growing Telegram miniapps sensation

Hamster kombat

Hamster kombat telegram game has captured the attention of Telegram CEO and founder, Pavel Durov. In a telegram post on his channel, Durov praised Hamster kombat as a new internet sensation. It has amassed 239 million users since its launch in March this year.  Adding 4-5 million users daily, it took only 73 days to reach 100 million monthly users. The impressive growth of Hamster kombat follows the growth of other telegram mini-apps such as Notcoin, pixelTap, and Tapswap. 

interface of Hamster Kombat game on Telegram

Hamster kombat just like other similar telegram mini-apps is a crypto game that allows users to gain points by tapping on the app daily. There are daily tasks that users need to complete to gain additional points. In addition, Hamster kombat has levels: bronze, silver, Gold, platinum, diamond, epic, legendary, master, grandmaster, Lord, and the newly introduced Creator. Each level has a specific number of points needed, for example, bronze is for those with zero points to 5k points, silver from 5k points to 25k epic from 1 million and so forth. The newly introduced level, Creator is for those with over 18 billion points. The announcement of the new level was made the same day Pavel Durov posted about Hamster combat. Players are looking for hits and clues in order to gain additional points from “daily reward’, ‘daily combo’, and ‘daily cipher‘ as shown in the image above.   These daily tasks include things like: invite a friend, watch a youtube video, follow them on X, choose an exchange and so forth. The most number of points come from ‘Daily combo” which gives users 5 million points. Some content creators post daily on their channels giving users the daily cipher and daily combo to earn an additional 1 million and 5 million daily points.

Due to large number of people joining and doing daily tasks, Hamster Kombat Youtube channel became one of the fastest growing with 32 million subscribers while Its Telegram announcements channel has 49 million subscribers.

Hamster kombat is expected to mint its coin on the TON blockchain just like other similar telegram mini-apps. Thereafter, it may be listed on mainstream exchanges for trading. Whether the viral growth of users will translate to real-world value remains to be seen. However, the sensational growth cannot be overlooked. The viral growth of telegram mini-apps is appending the launch of Web3 projects where a new game is launched and propelled to minions of users within just a few months. This new wave of launching telegram mini-apps is boosted by the success of Notcoin which which has so far achieved a marketcap of almost 1 billion USD. Leveraging on viral distribution, social interactions and fun games it does not seem like the end of telegram miniapps. 

Chris Kariuki

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