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Bitcoin price has risen rapidly over the past few months and few people can afford to buy the cryptocurrency now known as digital gold. If you were looking to invest in Bitcoin, you must be feeling the train has already left the station. You are doing the math and you constantly blame yourself and possibly think that if you could have invested earlier you would be rolling in dough right now. Do not beat yourself up too much; there are a different ways in which you can scoop yourself some of the digital gold before it soars further up the price charts. This means that you can earn bitcoins online and possibly join the new club of millionaires globally. For a start all you need is a strong internet connection and a good laptop, better still a smartphone that is easily accessible nowadays.

  1. Mining

Mining is the traditional method of earning bitcoins. Mining process involves compiling transactions into blocks and trying to solve a computationally difficult puzzle. It is a costly and time-consuming process. Unlike fiat currencies bitcoin is not printed, but mined from the system by a “Miner” who operates computers that run mining programs. This website can be a good starting point for beginners who want to know what bitcoin mining is and what it entails.

  1. Gambling

Gambling is wagering of money or any valuable asset on an event without any certain outcome. To many, bitcoin gambling is the easiest way of doubling or even tripling your bitcoin earnings. Gambling has many risks that one should put into consideration. Bitcoin Gambling  has outlined some of the websites to check out before choosing bitcoin gambling as the best option to earn bitcoins.

  1. Bitcoin trading

This is one of the most effective methods to use. It is almost similar to gambling but with calculated risks, meaning, if you have adequate knowledge on how to trade then there are more chances of winning than losing. The safest method to earn bitcoin through trading is through arbitrage. This is whereby you buy bitcoins at a certain price and sell them immediately at a price higher than the buying price hence making a profit.


  1. Bitcoin faucets

A Bitcoin faucet is a reward system in form of an app or website. Bitcoin faucets are the best method for beginners to earn bitcoins. They are free and no investment or registration fee is required. On sites like you receive 0.000001 BTC, 1,000 every five minutes but on condition that your account is empty. There are three most popular bitcoin faucets MoonBitcoin, FreeBitcoin, and BTCClicks. Bitcoin faucets are a little more fun but do not pay as much as other methods of earning bitcoin.


  1. Do work for bitcoins

Another way of earning bitcoins is by being an online freelancer. You can search for work that you can do for bitcoin, and be paid for it. Some bitcoin startups and companies like Overstock offer regular payments in BTC. There are several freelancing sites that one can visit to earn bitcoins such as Coinality, XBTFreelancer, Bitlancer, and Cryptogrind.

Bitcoin technology has gained popularity over the past years, and most people and industries are embracing it both as an investment and as a mode of income earning. With an idea of how to earn bitcoins, one is capable of choosing a method that will earn them most bitcoins successfully and with fewer risks.

Another way is through Airdrops. we have explained extensively how to earn free airdrops in this post.

One of the platforms you can do some work and earn coins is Bitcointalk. We have analyzed a beginners guide to Bitcointalk with tricks, tips and strategies that you can utilize. click on this link to read more.



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