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ICO Marketing on bitcointalk: Strategies Revealed

Bitcointalk has over 2.3 million members and over 40 million posts at the time of writing this post. Thus making the platform the largest and most active cryptocurrency and blockchain forum. (See also bitcointalk tips and strategies to help you navigate around the platform including a history of the site and account set up).

In this post I focus on giving you tips and strategies on how to successfully market your ICO on bitcointalk. Gaining a status symbol on bitcointalk is mandatory to ensure you launch your ICO or blockchain project as some activities such as exchange listing and convincing potential investors requires enlisting of bitcointalk Ann Thread from the forum. Learn more about Bitcointalk Ann thread here.

ICO Marketing on Bitcointalk

  1. ANN Thread Creation

Bitcointalk as the mainstream cryptocurrency message board especially with launch of new coins has a sub-forum under the name Altcoin Announcements. This is the section to share with the world of all details relating to your coin. A perfect ANN thread should be have the following features:

  • Quick to read
  • Easy to understand
  • If the crypto is using proof of work (PoW) or Proof of Stake (PoS) mechanism
  • Information whether the coin is pre-mined or minable
  • Development team and their location- Always past cryptocurrency or blockchain experience as it’s a plus when investors interrogate viability of a project. Location of legal registration of the project is also key and ICOs registered in crypto-friendly countries are more likely to attract more investors.
  • Guide members accessing your project platform on how to set a wallet
  • Cryptocurrencies accepted for anyone participating in your ICO.
  • Link the Ann thread to your project’s whitepaper, social media profiles as well as Github to allow investors conduct own due diligence and allay suspicion.

Now lets go into the real creation of Ann thread for your new crypto asset. It is important to note first impressions matter and this announcement serves an investor pitch therefore, make it count.

a. Title

There is a whole earth of other announcements on Bitcointalk and catching the platform users interest is key to your thread remaining relevant and within the first page. Considering the number of posts made daily over 8500 new discussions (both posts and topics created daily) it is possible to create you ANN and it flies to page 15 of the announcement section and rate of your ICO flopping are very high at this moment and you don’t want that to happen.

Your Ann thread title should stand out and you make this possible by not just using letters and punctuations. Attract readers to click your Ann thread link by using some nice images and emojis. You don’t want to miss out on capturing reader’s interest thus if you do not have knowledge or expertise on how to create a killer Ann thread there are numerous agencies such as this one carrying out various marketing services including Ann thread creation.

b. Content for the post

Keep off use of lots of texts as visual presentations such as well designed infographics help to make your message strong and clear for the readers. Hence, beautiful images and infographics will convey your vision and idea to potential investors successfully and are more memorable. Add small clickable bits to various external links for readers who would be interested to learn more about your ICO. Some of these clickable bits include whitepaper link, website as well as social media connection.

2. Get hype to your ANN thread

Surviving and generating lots of interest in your project lies on how much hype there is around your Ann thread. In this connection, promote the Ann thread on various online platforms and invite people to check your Bitcointalk announcement. Noteworthy, have someone in your team who will be prompt to responding to every single comment on your Ann thread. This is because the more comments your Ann thread has the better it is for it to rank high and have a spotlight on Bitcointalk.

3. Don’t mind haters

Just like any other online community people can say nasty things and on Bitcointalk it can get nasty as you can’t censor comments once you’ve created your Ann thread. Therefore, don’t mind about haters some are there to gain more account activity and will throw in anything just to improve their account rank. So don’t let hate discourage you otherwise play right into their hands by acknowledging their unkind words and you not losing as even with these nasty comments your Ann thread remains active. Engage the guys commenting on your Ann thread as much as possible of-course with decency on your part you don’t want to bring in the negative energy and drive away sentimental investors so keep your calm and use these comments to your favor. Have your heard of all grist is for the mill remain hyper even with negative comments.

4. Use guerilla marketing

Guerilla marketing still remains an effective advertising strategy in any marketing venture. You can still use powerful strategy on Bitcointalk by mentioning your announcements on the numerous sub-forums as long as your topic remains relevant. Therefore, be active on the forum and browse through to check which sub-topics on each day discussions would fit you to raise awareness about your ICO. You can spend some little money by hiring guys run signature campaigns for you on the platform. For example, hire junior members who are likely to charge less compared to leading Bitcointalk account holders to carry your signature campaign. Not forgetting refer people on your social media platforms of the fact you have a thread on Bitcointalk.

5. Bounty campaigns

Bounty involves rewarding guys who would be interested to spread word about your ICO through signature campaigns. Additionally, bounty also involves setting tasks for members on the forum to do such as social media promotion of your ICO and offer perks as a reward. Hence, make an announcement of your ICO bounty campaign on the bounty section on the Bitcointalk forum.




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