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ICP Token Listed on Binusu Exchange

How to Buy or Sell ICP Tokens in Kenya and Uganda Guide

We are thrilled to announce to our community and crypto users that we’ve listed Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) token and they we take them through on how to buy or sell ICP tokens at reduced rates on with KES, UGX and USD.

ICP token joins other 9 crypto assets including Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), USDT, USDC among others you can buy or sell on the exchange both under the quick exchange and OTC trading desk options.

Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) token is the native utility token for the project’s ecosystem. It plays an important role in the Internet Computer’s governance and economics. The Project is a blockchain network bringing great efficiency, decentralization and speed to the world of computing and data storage.

It is good news to crypto community and especially enthusiast of ICP ecosystem, because for the first time they can buy ICP tokens with ease, and at affordable rates using Mpesa/mobile money and bank transfer in Kenya and Uganda.

The ICP token listing on will help expand the ICP community in the East African region and bring more value to the token because it is now easy to buy the ICP token using local currency KES and UGX. Initially, users had to go through rigorous process of buying the tokens on centralized exchanges something tedious and worrisome for non-savvy traders.

How to Buy ICP Tokens on Exchange

a) You need to have an ICP wallet address where you will receive ICP tokens after buying on the exchange.

b) To create your ICP token wallet follow this link and register a new Internet Identity or sign in with Internet Identity.

c) Proceed to, register for a new account and verify your email and complete tier 1 KYC level requirement. The process is simple and straight-forward.

d) Login into your account, and click on the BUY option on top left of your screen.

e) On the “Which Crypto” select ICP, your preferred currency (KES, UGX or USD).

f) Enter the amount of ICP tokens you would like to buy and it will reflect below with the respective amount you will pay in either KES, UGX, or USD.

g) Click on the exchange button and it leads you to an order page. Enter your ICP wallet address drawn from your step 1 and proceed to confirm the order. That’s it! Our agent will reach out to confirm the order details and after paying for the order either using Mobile Money or Bank transfer, the agent transfers your ICP tokens to your wallet.

h) Proceed to your wallet on and confirm receipt of your tokens.

Selling ICP tokens on

You have some ICP tokens and want to convert to KES, UGX or USD. The following below are the steps:

a) Login into your account and click on Sell.

b) Under “Which Crypto” select ICP and select your preferred currency either KES, UGX or USD.

c) Enter the amount of ICP tokens you wish to sell and it will display an equivalent amount in the chosen currency.

d) Click Exchange and it leads you to an order page.

e) A agent will reach out to request you send ICP tokens to our address and immediately release funds to your preferred method of receipt either mobile money or bank transfer.

Happy Trading!

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Morris Gitonga

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