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Investor confidence shows as Monvid concludes successful Pre-sale


The cryptocurrency industry does not have many novel ideas. Many altcoins that are starting up are simple replications of the same idea. However, Monvid is offering a blockchain-based product that is unique and innovative. The platform will be offered a video streaming site that does not have any of the annoying ads that current video streaming sites have. Yes, Monvid is one of the few blockchain ideas that solves a real-world problem. Unlike the existing video streaming services that are proliferated by advertisements, MonVid will be completely ad-free.

The platform will run on MVid tokens that viewers can use to support their favorite video creators. The developers were pleasantly surprised when they when the recent pre-sale sold out faster than anticipated. This is an indication of the existing investor confidence in a start-up that will revolutionize video streaming and content consumption. During the Pre-sale, investors were able to get almost 70 percent discount by buying the tokens at $0.03 instead of the $0.10 launch price.

The large investor uptake was also evident when the main ICO launched on June 1st. Already, 62 million tokens of the available 140 million have been sold and it is only one week into the ICO. Many of the investors are seeking to receive the early bird discount of 30 percent off the $0.10 launch price. Even though the ICO is scheduled to run from June 1st to August 31st, there is a real possibility that the tokens will sell out long before that time. Already, the soft cap has been reached and the hard cap will be soon to follow. Already, there are 6,000 investors who have invested in the platform and thousands of others have expressed their interest to invest in Monvid.

The cryptocurrency community has faced the same frustration of being constantly forced to watch advertisements on video streaming sites. If you want to remove these adverts you are forced to pay outrageous monthly subscription fees just to view your favorite videos in peace. Sadly, most of the advertisement and subscription fees benefit the large corporations behind these platforms with content creators getting less than half of the proceeds. Monvid will use blockchain technology to create a platform where content creators are free to create content with minimal restrictions and censorship. Viewers no longer have to pay to enjoy advertisement-free content. They will also be able to directly support their favorite content creators directly without a large chunk being used by the platform.

If you would like to invest in the platform you still have time. You can still get around 30 percent from the launch price, allowing you to make a handsome return once the platform goes live. There are 85 days left in the ICO, so make sure you back the platform that will change video streaming. If you have questions about how the platform works, how to buy tokens or any other queries, feel free to contact your customer support on our website 24/7 at https://monvid.io/. You can also reach us on our social media pages at






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