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Kenya’s OnyxCoin Gets Listed on the Latoken Global Exchange

OnyxCoin, which powers OnyxPay, the Kenyan-based digital asset by Kwakoo Group, has been listed on the global and popular exchange, Latoken.

The new OnyxCoin listing now exposes OnyxCoin and OnyxChain to new markets across the Americas, Russia, and Asia where Latoken predominantly operates.

Moving forward Latoken users will now be able to trade the following OnyxCoin pairs:

  • Onyx / BTC
  • Onyx / ETH

Getting listed on the Latoken Exchange requires a token to have a sizeable community and good token economy to back coin usage. The Latoken team also evaluates if the project is worthwhile. Latoken also analyzes the team behind the project. OnyCoin seems to have passed all these checks to qualify for a listing.

The rigorous process has taken months for approval as it requires token integration and deposit testing before a listing is announced.

“The process is quite hectic for native tokens that are not ERC20.” Said a representative from Onyx speaking to BitcoinKE.

Latoken is listed at number 12 on the global exchange listings on CoinMarketCap with daily volumes of over $720M.

About OnyxCoin

Onyx is an innovative digital asset built on Onyxchain to facilitate universal payments. Through Onyxpay a DEX payments platform, Onyx will provide scalable, secure and safe payments in any currency of the world and across a broad spectrum of service and industry by converting into a stable digital fiat – OnyxCash. OnyxPay launched August 1st, 2019 and is now live.

Edwin Kinoti

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