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Nairobi Bitcoin meet-up on November 30th 2017

Kenya is quickly becoming one of the leading countries in cryptocurrency adoption in Africa. The cryptocurrency in the community has been growing as well as the media coverage of cryptocurrencies. However, there has also been push-back from the Kenyan Central Bank in an attempt to regulate the bitcoin market in the country. In response to the market trends, several Nairobi blockchain enthusiasts have set up a Nairobi Bitcoin Meetup open for both newbies and long-term enthusiasts.

Newbies will have an opportunity to learn about blockchains, altcoins, bitcoin and other investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency industry. It also gives them an opportunity to meet experts who can mentor them as they venture into this exciting new world.

Long-time enthusiasts will have a platform where they can deliberate with likeminded individuals on issues like regulation and corporate adoption of blockchain technology. It also allows the cryptocurrency community in Kenya to organize themselves to lobby as one community instead of struggling individually.

The event will be held at the Marble Arch Hotel on November 30th and is slated to start at around 6.00PM. The main agenda of the meeting include:

  1. An introduction to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other popular altcoins
  2. A panel discussion on the essentials of investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
  • A panel discussion on existing and emerging opportunities in the cryptocurrency market
  1. A discussion of the existing regulatory issues in Kenya and the ways these problems can be solved
  2. An opportunity for attendants to form social networks with others in the industry.

The event is what the Kenyan cryptocurrency community needs especially as more people become aware of cryptocurrencies and the benefits it offers. The community will be able to deliberate the different ways that blockchain technology can be adopted in Kenya to improve the public and private sectors. If you are one of the thousands of cryptocurrency enthusiasts in Kenya, you can simply attend this free event.

If interested please register with Faith on +25486134904 or join our telegram group for update and news here 


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