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NEAR Kenya Twitter Space AMA on 31 March 2023

NEAR Kenya is one of the leading crypto communities in Kenya. It was established through Near foundation and Sankore 2.0 with the mission of accelerating the Near ecosystem in Kenya and Africa. The community offers support for builders and innovators building disruptive technologies on Near protocol. Members can also access funding, business & technical support for anyone building on the blockchain.

There has been a lot of developments in the blockchain industry in the last few months. In order to keep the community updated, NEAR Kenya is planning to do an Twitter space AMA in order to keep the community up to speed with current affairs by understanding NEAR Kenya’s vision, mission and what they are trying to accomplish!

The AMA is slated on 31 March 2023, at 7PM EAT time. Near Kenya Hub lead, Kevin Imani will lead the AMA by answering community questions. You can stand a chance to win NEAR tokens through the following steps:

This is a great opportunity for everyone to ask away anything and everything of concern, from dev related issues to project funding, education and job opportunities for rust learners.
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