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New Play-To-Earn (P2E) Game: Xeno Dragon Introduces Its Currency System

Xenodragon, nStep’s newest Play-to-Earn (P2E) mobile game, introduces its currency system where players may earn and take interest in:

  • NST (nStep Metaverse Token) – the main token used in the game. NST holders are able to stake tokens, play games, participate in key governance votes, and claim more rewards.
  • XDC (Xeno Dragon Utility Token) – Used in buying Dragons, Mystery Box and Land. Players can also get XDC by completing special quests, achieving higher rank in Arena, and selling enhanced dragon/gears in the NFT Marketplace.
  • XDS (Xeno Dragon Stone) – An in-game currency and is mostly used to upgrade Gears through Enchant. Players can receive it as a reward from doing Arena/Quests/Events.

There are lots of options to choose from in order to obtain these currencies. You can also trade your Dragons, Gears and Land as NFT items to earn more tokens. 

For more details about the game’s ecosystem, you can also check the link below:

About nStep

nStep is a Korean gaming company that has many years of experience in making games of a variety of genres. They are known for collaborating with other gaming companies in producing mobile games that became popular around the world. Notable games they have worked on are Lineage and Marvel Run Jump Smash.

Official Links:

→ Github:

→ Facebook:

→ Twitter:

→ Discord:


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