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Oak Elevate: World’s first Hybrid cryptocurrency Fund

The world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies continues to expand each day. More options on how to invest in cryptos are coming up including hedge and index funds. However, we have not yet heard a lot about hybrid investment funds. We had an opportunity to engage with Ankit, the founder of Oak Elevate  which is seeking to give investors an opportunity to invest through a hybrid investment fund.

Here is our conversation with Ankit.

Coinweez: What are digital assets on Blockchain?

Ankit: Digital assets on blockchain are cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum which will become the foundation of a decentralised economy. These peer to peer digital assets represent stakes in various decentralized protocols like Prediction Market, Decentralised Exchange and many others.As of number of users for these protocols increase, these digital assets increase in value.

Coinweez: What is the current state of cryptocurrency investment funds and what types are there in the market?

 Ankit: Well, the number of cryptocurrency funds have surely gone down in the first quarter of 2018 but I believe that this has done more than good for the industry as it has eliminated all the cryptocurrency funds which popped up during the bull run of 2017. According to research published by Autonomous Research LLP, 167 new crypto funds launched in 2017. This is good move for industry in the long run as only those who understand the market condition will be players in the market.

Coinweez: Tell us more about Oak Elevate? Why the investment fund?

Ankit: Oak Elevate is one of the World’s First Hybrid Cryptocurrency Investment Fund helping investors mitigate risk in a volatile market using a variety of strategies. Overall, the Oak Fund contains three classes of investments which are structured to form an Index Fund,  an Investment Fund which invests across new projects which have the potential to become the next Bitcoin/Ethereum.

  • 60% of the total fund is used to form Merkle Index.
  • 30% of the total fund is utilized to form an Actively Traded Cryptocurrency Fund.
  • The remaining 10% is kept for Investment in New Projects.

Coinweez: Why will you do well?

Ankit: Here, we have an approach towards crypto-investments that focuses on diversification. Generating returns in crypto market was easy last year as the high tide took everyone up with it. Now that the waters have settled we saw lots of blood bath and many funds closing. For us mitigating risk and not putting all the eggs in one basket, even with our investment style, is very important. That is one the biggest reason we started a hybrid fund rather than any individual fund. This helps us limit our losses and generate stable returns. We are not promising at any unrealistic returns but rather focusing more on consistency in all market conditions.

Coinweez: Where are you based?

Ankit: We are based in Singapore and our team is distributed across South Eastern Asia.

Coinweez: Who are you trying to attract to your product?

Ankit: Currently, we are looking at HNIs and Institutional investors to become a part of our fund. But, as I said earlier, we are building an investment tool for masses to get started with investment in cryptocurrencies, the aim is help anyone get started with investment in Oak Elevate.

Coinweez: Tell us about your team?

Ankit: Well, my name is Ankit and I have been working in startups since the age of 17 and I dropped out of the college very recently to start Oak Elevate along with my other two co-founders namely Ujjwal Singh Mehra and Himanshu Sharma who are reputed cryptocurrency analysts with an combined experience of more than four years in this space.

Coinweez: What are your plans for the future?

Ankit: Currently, we are in the process of raising our first round of investment from investors in Europe and Australia. After this, we will be hiring more technology experts to make the fund even more efficient to minimise the cost continuously and add to the returns of our investors.

Thank You Ankit. You can check out more details about the project on their website.








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