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ODMC: The Oil and Gas Mining Blockchain solution

Oil Drilling Mud Coin

Oil Drilling Mud Coin (ODMC) is one of a kind investment blockchain option in the oil and Gas industry; it is a unique, stable and innovative block chain product. The idea here is to use green technology for processing and refining oil into useful products. Oil drilling mud is a liquid, a waste in the form of paste or solid. It is made up of a mixture of oil (or rather oil products), solid phase (which is a mixture of soil and ground particles) and water.

There are a variety of processing methods that can be used in this process, but the green technology process that the company is going to use allows for processing oil drilling mud to be used as a construction material, electricity, and other fuel purposes. As such the market range and potential clients of the products are inclusive of all of the world’s oil and gas extraction enterprises.

image credits: ODMC

Advantages of ODMC


Revenue for ODMC as well as the investors will be generated through collection and processing of oil drilling mud into road-construction composite materials needed for building roads and other constructions. Other products or strategies for generating revenue will be to process electricity fuel put of the oil drilling mud as well as fuel that can be used for other purposes. These will be sold at the market price in the oil and gas industry.


The demand is expected to be high as the supply for this type of fuels is low. In Russia alone, there are more than 3 million tons of oil sludges formed annually, to the present moment accumulated amount is about 110 million tons. The prices, as well as the value of the oil and the coin, will be based on the market prices as well as the current production systems. More over ODMC is tied to the average market price on oil drilling mud processing, which is $132. As such it will be supported by future contracts with Oil as well as Gas companies to process their wastes.


The other advantage of investing in ODMC is that the competition in this specific market section is very low. More specifically the market for manufacturing oil drilling mud processing machinery is basically empty. In the Tyumen region to be more exact, as of right now, there is no such production more so the company is counting on the fact that the Tyumen region government will support this project.


The level of transparency in the platform has been given a priority. This is mainly to make give assurances to people and investors and make them feel comfortable while making their investments. This is why for ICO, ODMC chose Waves Platform. Wave’s platform is a blockchain that is widely recognized for being very transparent. To add on the transparency all manufactured machinery, technological and scientific intellectual property will be reflected on a balance sheet.

Project assurance

The company also has well implemented and effective measures to ensure that it is in a position to guarantee that the investor will earn 100% of their investments in just 8 months. An added promotion on this is that if one participates and invests in October ICO, during Pre ICO, they will be offered additional discounts and first-day bonus, and also there will be private bonuses for investments over $10,000. In order to assure the investors that their money will be invested strictly in this specific project, the company will communicate with the investors via media, social networks, website news, share videos and photos at all stages of a project.

Other benefits

Other added advantages of investing with ODMC include the fact that the investment will be giving the investor an opportunity to be a shareholder at oilfield Service Company. More so the production and processing are an encouragement in innovative production technology as well a way contributing towards environmental conservation as they are using green technology. In addition, each investor has an equal opportunity to receive finished products from the company. The finished goods, in this case, will be inclusive of oil, gas and construction materials

ODMC ICO and way forward

ODMC options after ICO launch in October 2017 will be traded on a market. As such the investor can offer his or her investments on exchange market or wait till the price goes up and then sell them. Furthermore, the company is guaranteeing to buy back all of ODMC at a price of $132 in 8 months after ICO completion in July 2018. As such every investor is assured of getting back all of the investments they put into this project. To add on this, the project has been designed as a crowdfunding project as such pretty much, anyone can become an investor.

ODMC is aiming at growing and eventually extending internationally. On a first stage, the company is planning to manufacture two SR-3 complexes with the ability to process 1620 cubic meters monthly. They want to commission them on oil well site and perform industrial testing first and then they plan to upgrade the plant to manufacture 20 complexes for every month. More so, the company has a set objective of manufacturing 20 complexes each month. This will be just to fulfill Rosneft needs in oil drilling mud processing and for that, they need to build a manufacturing plant. Once the manufacturing plant is ready then they will start the expansion into developed countries with strict environmental legislation such as the United States of America.

ODMC is not affected by inflation and cryptocurrency volatility. This means that the value of the money that an investor does not reduce depending on the economic trends and will, therefore, remain the same until such a time that the investor wants to sell his or her shares in the company. More so other factors such as political trends do not have much of an influence on the value of the coin As such, ODMC will become one of the most reliable tools to serve saving purposes and capital gains.

Interested in ODMC and their ICO. Read their white paper here.

Also, follow ODMC conversation on bitcointalk forum.


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