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NEXT.exchange – The leading decentralized cryptocurrency stock exchange

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The market capitalization in the cryptocurrency industry is at a record high. Coupled with the thousands of ICOs launched, the industry has definitely bloomed. Ideally, this means that there is a need for a more advanced exchange that can provide investors with the different assets, cryptocurrencies, and ICOs on one platform. NEXT.Exchange is a fintech startup that seeks to provide a decentralized platform that fulfills this market niche.

NEXT.Exchange uses ERC20 technology to tokenize digital assets like cryptocurrencies and ICO tokens allowing individuals to exchange them in their tokenized form. It serves two main purposes. First, it provides a platform where businesses and startups can find access to alternative financing. Second, investors have a platform where they have access to tokenized cryptocurrency securities that gives them more value using the NEXT token.

The platform has a myriad of features that provide cryptocurrency traders with the tools they need to make money in the market. They include a UX design, intuitive navigation, an interactive social platform for the community on Facebook or Telegram, high-speed trading, copy trading, smart analytics and intuitive prediction. Users can benefit from crypto pool trading where the top 30 cryptocurrencies are pooled into one security allowing the diversification of the cryptocurrencies, community trading where users can trade smart contracts and crypto mining pools to generate additional profits for savvy investors.

With the increasing number of ICOs and cryptocurrencies, it is safer for investors to use platforms like the NEXT.Exchange to convert them into digital assets that they can invest in. This allows the distribution of risk, reducing the likelihood of catastrophic losses. Additionally, it allows investors to invest smaller sums of money when the assets are tokenized. By using NEXT tokens, users can reduce commissions while taking advantage of the NEXT.Exchange features. This gives a real-world value to digital assets through the platform. These shares can be traded with others increasing the liquidity or bundled together to distribute risk.

Sellers who want to market their ICOs or cryptocurrencies will have assessed to a wide range of technical and marketing tools. They can even use the platform to launch their ICOs without the need for additional coding. Coupled with the access to willing investors, this is a prime opportunity for any startups. Users get additional benefits like airdrops after successfully referring others to the NEXT.Exchange or discounts on shares from ICOs launched on the NEXT platform.

Interested parties who want to join the platform can obtain NEXT tokens during the upcoming ICO slated to start on November 20th, this year. Since it is based on the Ethereum blockchain, the NEXT.Exchange will be decentralized, secure and have the capacity to handle high volume transactions with ease.

The number of NEXT tokens will be capped at 120,000,000. Before they run out, ensure you become a part of this revolution in the cryptocurrency industry. Any enthusiasts who would like to gain additional benefits can participate in the Pre-ICO where contributors will get a 20 percent bonus. This will end on November 19th, just before the launch of the main ICO. Any of the tokens allocated for the Pre-ICO that will not be sold will be added to the cumulative amount for the ICO. The exchange rate during the ICO will be 1000 NEXT = 1 ETH. This is barring any discounts and notices.

You can participate in the Pre-ICO and the main ICO by following the instructions on their website https://next.exchange

Read NEXT.Exchange white paper and the source code on GitHub

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