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PriorityEx: Customer-Centric Cryptocurrency Trading Exchange

Cryptocurrency exchanges are a crucial component of the industry. Not only do they facilitate the conversion of fiat into cryptocurrencies, but also enable trading in many virtual assets. Unfortunately, most exchanges focus predominantly on the bottom line of their trade, neglecting the equally valuable experience of the customers. As the name suggests, PriorityEx is the first cryptocurrency exchange that prioritizes the needs of its customers. It provides reliable, convenient, and customer-friendly services that revolutionize customer experience. At present, the institution’s service areas include spot and margin trading, investment box, multi-currency wallet, peer-to-peer exchange, and initial coin offering pair with fiat.

Looking at the cryptocurrency exchange industry, PriorityEx founders noticed a worrying trend. First, they realized no customer-centric services existed. Second, most businesses and users struggled to connect the physical and virtual platforms using the existing infrastructure. Finally, cryptocurrency exchanges offered a limited range of tradable assets. Shockingly, these exchange companies did not necessarily adhere to the highest degree of security. Since the blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies were becoming increasingly popular, there was a need to change the observed trend for the better by offering a wide range of tradable cryptocurrency assets securely and in a customer-focused manner. Thus, PriorityEx was born.

After the birth of the institution, things improved for the better. Today, the customer-focused PriorityEx looks to solve other problems in the industry. Ultimately, PriorityEx hopes to become the firm bridge between the digital world of currencies and the fiat world. In this regard, the institution continues to develop a sustainable system that solves difficulties with real-time trading, asset security issues, fiat currency support limitation, multilingual support issues, slow services, initial coin offering issues, and the low liquidity of initial coin offering tokens. In solving these problems, PriorityEx will improve customer experience and maximize trader’s profits through fees rebates.

Features that make PriorityEx customer-centric are numerous and have far-reaching impacts. First, there are trading fees rebates which allow customers to maximize their profits, especially where high-volume trade is concerned. Second, PriorityEx offers an offline multi-signature wallet, which allows for faster access to funds. Third, users enjoy the resilience and security of two-factor authentication. As such, cases of successful hacking and theft are sporadic. Fourth, PriorityEx is working to ensure the introduction of new fiats to increase liquidity and diversity. A total of not less than 16 fiats from different parts of the world will be supported. Other benefits include 24/7 customer support, multilingual cryptocurrency trading, fast KYC processing, and P2P exchange among others.

To improve customer experience further, PriorityEx is simplifying the process of depositing and withdrawing currencies. It will also launch a debit card for multi wallet trading in the coming year. The debit card will enable traders to spend their cryptocurrencies or fiat in the virtual wallet in any part of the world. The debit card will be issued by MasterCard and UnionPay, and it will resemble the traditional debit cards issued by banks, only that they will be linked to a cryptocurrency exchange account. The card will be used to facilitate all types of transactions, including shopping for goods and services, paying utility bills, and even transferring money to third party individuals or institutions. The MasterCard and UnionPay debit card will increase convenience for all users by saving them the trouble of having to withdraw funds from the exchange account in order to use it.

Apart from that, PriorityEx is working tirelessly to ensure that traders can convert initial coin offering tokens directly to fiat, eliminating the tedious process of having to trade with a Bitcoin/Ethereum pair. To increase liquidity in the industry, PriorityEx promises to make it possible to pair initial coin offering (ICO) tokens with a wide variety of fiat. PriorityEx will also expand operations to other parts of the world. At present, it is mainly available in the Asian countries of Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Africa, Australia, Korea, Vietnam, and Burma.

You should not miss out on their on-going PriorityEx Pre-ICO that started 1st January 2018 and closes on the 31st January 2018. Also don’t forget over this time they are offering some bonus on their various packages.


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