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RubyShip Crypto is Onboarding Passengers in their Futuristic Blockchain Platform


During the inception stages, the RubyShipSecure Project dived into analyzing the crypto sphere and realized that there are areas that have not received the support they need. Now in comes RubyShip Crypto, a crypto entity focused on financing the RubyShipSecure Project as it tries to make the user experience more seamless for crypto enthusiasts.

The main focus of this project is the creation of a Secure Operating System and Wallet application that can only be accessed by users with RubyShip encrypted devices.

A User-centered Entity

RubyShip Crypto is a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) project whose contract is verified and published by BSCSCAN. The project boasts of reduced transaction fees within the wallet since BSC transfers are lower than other networks.

Creating a Secure OS and Wallet application goes hand-in-hand with the decentralization pillar of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Users get to take full control of their transactions on their own terms outside the grasp of centralized finance. The Secure OS acts as the first layer of security for the user funds then there are added security features within the Wallet application itself. This ensures no unwarranted access occurs in a user’s Wallet.

Introducing luxurious and futuristic RBYWALLET

One feature that stands out with the project’s Wallet application (RBYWALLET), is that it gives users a variety of coin options that a user can invest in and hold within the application itself. Also, there is a dedicated support team to guide users on the steps to take when setting up their Wallets. For users kicking off their journey with RubyShip Crypto, the support team is live on their website to answer any questions they might have.

RBYWALLET gives users a chance to better manage their portfolios because the utility token (RUBYSHIP) is itself a digital investment that earns them rewards if held for the long term. While using RBYWALLET, users will receive an immediate real-time view of their holdings and investment. This is the kind of guidance crypto enthusiasts need to take control of their investment decisions going forward.


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