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RULE 34 Token is what 2020 needed to end with something good


Have you ever wondered why we still don’t have a Rule 34 token?
Why RTF token don’t exist yet?
Well…you are wrong because such a coin was already created and is being presented to you right now!
Me, Diva, and the Furry dev Collective are please to announce that the RTF token is entering it’s pre-sale ICO right now through this link

The stakers of RTF will have the power to vote in a the wonderful Intellectual Property Validation System where digital content creators are going to have full control over their intellectual property by tokenizing their creations using the Ethereum Blockchain.

To ensure that the token owner is the real owner of the property, we will have a voting system which will enable stakers to vote on bans for fraudulent Ethereum wallet addresses and ENS domains to give a warning to the address owner asking to transfer the goods for the original creator. To really take things on another level of ethics plenitude we will also have a system to vote on the permaban for fraudulent addresses and voting spammers. The RTF tokens held by permabanned accounts are going to be burned and distributed to RTF Stakers.

You can read more in their Whitepaper


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