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Scam hunting: How proved that it is not a scam project

With new applications or programs, there have always been innovators who invented them, followed by early adopters, early majority, late majority and finally laggards. This curve represents the diffusion of innovations theory that explains how, why, and at what rate new ideas and technology spread. Without delving too deep into the theory, one of the most important thing to take away from this is that new inventions take a while to get accustomed to.

So don’t get too worried or over-excited when you hear about something being a scam. In cases like the alleged ‘ scam’, the rumors turned out to be completely unfounded.

Meanwhile, a closer look at the trends and tendencies over the past five years (at least) seem to unequivocally point to the fact that cryptocurrencies and blockchains are the innovative next step in the evolution of social media platforms and e-commerce solutions. Even so, it may be a while before these products are fully incorporated into our lives the way some of the big-name platforms are.

In today’s current climate, because of a lot of cryptocurrency- and blockchain-related scam projects, people have become more alert and suspicious in general. The truth is, these doubts are not without foundation. For as many legitimate projects and initiatives as there are, there are also plenty of scam ICOs and cryptocurrency projects floating about. Unfortunately, some times the good guys get mistaken for the villains and just like the movies, somehow people have mistaken projects like for a scam which is unfair. To debunk the rumors and help you become more familiar with what’s happening on the current market, we’ve compiled this review, which brings you the latest names in social media and e-commerce. First of all, let’s break down the platform and see if it is a scam or if it holds up to its promises. review digital network is based out of Dublin, Ireland with offices in over seven countries across the globe. According to the company’s roadmap and whitepaper, the app was launched in 2015 as a blockchain-based digital ecosystem that combines a number of top-demanded digital resources today. Those are social media (coupled with content creation and monetization), e-commerce, and a payment system. Each aspect represents an entire industry in an of itself, and many successful apps have been launched by just focusing on niche. So clearly, the idea of an app that brings all this together is a bit surprising and to some seemingly unfeasible. After all, how can all this exist in one platform? There are plenty of apps exist that allow users shop online, but as we all know from having used at least one of them, most will require that you register with some sort of a third-party Fintech service like Stripe, Venmo, or Amazon Payments to purchases items. digital ecosystem stands out as a decentralized network that features its own in-house marketplace for buying and selling products and also offers an internal solution that lets users conduct transactions. That’s a lot to fit into one sentence, so let’s unwrap it. The marketplace, branded as meMarket, is set up for both B2C and C2C online shopping, meaning that users can buy and sell products both from each other as well as from their preferred international brands represented on The feature that brings the online shopping experience full circle is mePay avoids the need for any third-party payment services.

This coupled with the fact that features a social network where users can earn rewards based on their social activity really begins to give you a picture of new generation social media and internet resources. With all the press and hype surrounding, we decided it was best to explore the app ourselves. This is our digital network review:

How and cryptocurrency work together derives its roots from blockchain technology along with all the principles and values that entails. The network also includes its own cryptocurrency, ME Token. The token can functions in two different contexts: within the social network, and externally on cyrptocurrency exchanges. Within the network, ME Token functions as a multi-purpose digital asset and has many uses. For example, ME can be used for shopping on meMarket, running ads on meNetwork or for any other internal service. From an external point of view, ME serves as a cryptocurrency that can be exchanged and traded for BTC and USDT.

Users that join gain access to meNetwork, the app’s social media. meNetwork offers all the features of social media you’ve come to expect from your preferred socials, like the ability to post, like comment and share, while also adding some fun and new features to the mix.

Magazines, for example, is an interesting feature. Magazines are online journals where users can select a category that best describes the content and fill them with photos and videos. The Hot feed is also a staple of the app that curates trendy and quality content from the network. Users can access the feed by clicking on the fire icon at the bottom of their screens. Getting featured on the Hot feed gives users access to an entirely new audience and is subsequently a great avenue for interacting with other users on It should be noted that both individual posts, as well as magazines, can be featured here.

Advertising revenue for users

Of course, one of the most exciting parts of being an active user on meNetwork have a real, no-frills opportunity to earn up to 50% of the advertising revenue in ME Token. Users get their earnings transferred to their meWallet on a monthly basis. From here users can shop with their hard-earned tokens! How you may ask. The answer is meMarket.

As we briefly mentioned above, meMarket is’s internal marketplace that launched approximately four months ago. Since this addition to the app, ME Token has received another boost in price and popularity. Moreover, meMarket works together with meNetwork in the sense that while users scroll through their newsfeeds they can preview and purchase products being sold by individual users and brands. also simplifies the process of selling products. To sell a product, all you have to do is create an item post with photos of the product, select a category, fill out the description, as well as set a price (in ME). This can all be done without leaving your profile. Once’s moderation team approves the post, it will appear in other users’ news feeds. Since it is then displayed in other users’ feeds, the product, in effect, promotes itself. Users can purchase products and rate and review the sellers you bought from. Lastly, meMarket allows you to ask questions about products and discuss shipment details with sellers directly.

How is legit?

All purchases and internal transactions are made using ME Token on The token itself was listed on the CoinAll exchange in February of this year, and since then has increased by 1400% in value. This is a result of the meMarket launch and the speed at which continues to develop. So to all those who promote deficit attitudes and scam articles, after careful consideration of the facts, we find it to be a legit project. In fact, we believe is ahead of the game in more ways than one and will be a trailblazer in new-generation online platforms.


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