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SMARTCASH -new cryptocurrency


Welcome to the new world of SmartCash, a cryptocurrency designed with fungibility, inclusivity, ROI, merchants, and community in mind.  SmartCash is leveraging on the community in order to grow. The currency has already been launched in July 2017 and is currently in circulation. The amount to be circulated is 5 Billion. You can check it out on coinmarketcap. Let’s check out the features that make SmartCash a cryptocurrency to watch.

SMARTHIVE is one of the features that allow everyone to contribute to how the currency grows. With this decentralized organizational model, Smartcash aims to have the concept of decentralization at the core of the governance structure just the way blockchain is supposed to work. With SMARTHIVE, anyone holding coins can vote on proposals submitted by the community with each SmartCash Token being worth 1 vote. Furthermore, it will allow anyone to get involved and submit proposals and therefore helping to generate organic growth a grassroots level and consequently creating a bottom-up management structure.

SMART REWARDS: Smart rewards are designed to ensure stabilization and encourage long term holding.  Oher cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin only reward miners while neglecting other actors that play a role in maintaining, developing and promoting the project. SmartCash has a different approach. Each wallet address holding at least 1000 SmartCash will get paid every month after an initial 30 day period of holding; from the SmarReward block reward allocation of 15%. Holding long term is key to the success of the project because the SmartHive treasury needs SmartCash to appreciate in value in order to fund meaningful 3rd party proposals and hence grow SmartCash into a successful global cryptocurrency.

RENEW: this feature enables users to create new coins through the RENEW feature in exchange for older coins. The new coins have no history but are still viewable on a public ledger where all transactions can be easily displayed for all to see and this is key when implementing with merchant systems. The RENEW feature is important for fungibility and wide acceptance of the currency.

INSTANT PAY: this feature also instant POINT OF SALE- IN-STORE AND ONLINE PURCHASES. Using SMARTCASH will enable you to pay for all the daily needs and transactions such as paying for coffee, filling station or buying a ticket and should be faster than even Visa or MasterCard. These features are currently not possible with currencies such as Bitcoin. This is expected to be in operation by late 2017.

Mining Concept: unlike other forms of mining that require a lot of hash power thereby contributing to centralization, SmartCash is developing a mining concept ha prevents mining centralization while stimulating network growth. Every computer can be used as a mining device while allowing the computer to be used for various other tasks. ASICs have yet to be created for Keccak mining algorithm and it seems they will not be created for quite some time.

For growth and wider adoption, SmartCash is leveraging on grassroots community outreach efforts and other established marketing methods. Already, SmartCash is continuing to hold meetups with blockchain enthusiasts, developers, and merchants. One such meet-up was held in Nairobi in early August. Furthermore, there are opportunities to get more merchants on SmartCash so if you are interested, this is an opportunity. We will be following up on any meetups so keep it here for more on that.

Wallet: at the moment, interested users can download SmartCash wallets for Windows, MAC OS and LINUX from the their website. Mobile wallets are expected to be launched very soon. SmartCash will also be available in various exchanges and we will update on that too. We will also keep tracking SmartCash developments; make sure you keep checking the blog for future updates.  Also join the SmartCash community on Twitter, Slack and SmartCash Kenya group on Whatsapp in order to get the opportunity to earn coins. SMART will be listed in other exchanges soon.

TOP TIP: Be sure to download the SmartCash wallet, get your address and then join the SmartCash Forum for a chance to 200 free SmartCash Gift Giveaway!!! Just click ‘Forums’ on the SmartCash website.


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