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Swapchain records increased investment after a grand launch event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

On 23rd February 2019, Swapchain project grand launching ceremony took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Swap is the company’s first idea for development in Dubai. The team collectively came up with many advanced technologies. It has great knowledge and experience in blockchain field.

Swap tech is a project development company in Hongkong – Financial center of Asia and the world, attracting world of finance, with the potential to bring big revenue.

The mission of creating a revolution:

In global payment solutions: Create a platform for application to solve payment problems in life, especially in mini-payment through blockchain technology and meet the development of non-cash payment needs in the world.

Strategy: With our experienced technology team in Dubai developing BFT technology aimed at solving 3 technological problems: transaction fees, transaction confirmation speed & security. 

At the ceremony, various investors from Southeast Asia like Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and some Asian nations like Japan, Korea…

This event has generated a big echo for society among nations. Investors have been considering and preferring Swapchain as an amazing project in 2019. Quite a number of investors have experienced that after several flunked projects in 2019, they considered Swapchain as an assuring and potential project, causing a new change in the 2019 economic trend.

Here is a comment from an investor originating from Thailand: “I scheduled a flight ticket from Bangkok to KL for the purpose of attending this event, I was amazed by the atmosphere here after speaking and debating with several other investors from different nations, I chose to invest $50,000 in the plan. I am absolutely convinced about the progress of Swapchain in 2019”

Another comment from leaders in Indonesia was as follows: “In Indonesia, the growth of the system is quite challenging, however, for Swapchain project, I do not see any difficult, I will fly to the nearby islands of Jakarta for the purpose of sharing with investors regarding the potential and advancement in the following 3 months of this project. Following the event, I will convey two seminars in Indonesia to propose to residential investors to participate in Swapchain project. Actually, with the appearance of at least 100 global leaders during the event, I hope Swapchain will be the financial trend in 2019”

As you can see, Swapchain has generated a fresh financial wave in Southeast Asia and shortly to turn out as all Asia and over the globe thing. With a fabulous deal of backing from multiple investors, Swapchain will soon gain a new place in the market.

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