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Top Initial Coin Offering (ICO) rating sites

An Initial Coin Offering, commonly abbreviated as an ICO, is a fundraising mechanism centered on cryptocurrency, which startup companies can use to raise capital for their projects. The startups sell their underlying crypto tokens in exchange for bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency.

Getting started in the world of cryptocurrency can be a bit confusing. Reason being there is a lot that needs to be learnt and thoroughly understood. Once you are done with the learning stage of basics of cryptocurrency, then you can start diversifying. By so doing, you must come across the word Initial Coin Offering (ICO), which is even more complex. Without proper and adequate research, understanding what an ICO is all about can be a bit complicated.

However, checking out several platforms that analyze these ICOs can be of great help in helping one understand all about them in terms of ratings and investment toolbox. Several ICO rating sites on the internet are easy to find and understand. They include:

  1. ICOChamps (

This site is perceived by many as the best ICO rating site. Some of the factors that they put into consideration when doing the ratings are risk, hype and the profit potential. ICO Champs rates ICOs on factors that matter with an explanation of why it did rate a particular ICO the way it did. These explanations are found on a feature named “quick notes”, which is easy to understand and is user-friendly.

ICO Champs has an extensive course that teaches anything that one needs to know about ICOs. The course gives a detailed explanation about ICOs and provides adequate knowledge to individuals that help them to choose the best ICO.

  1. ICORating (

This is among the first rating platforms. It also acts as an ICO rating agency. The site evaluates ICOs based on their risk score and hype, which are very important factors to consider for the short-term investment potential of an ICO. ICO Rating does not provide services free. They are paid for and interestingly, the ICOs themselves requested for the charges.

Bearing in mind that they rate ICOs according to their hype and risk score, which are believed to be factors to consider for a short-term investment, then it can be believed that ICO Rating platform targets professional ICO investors who are out to make short-term profits not putting the future development of a project into consideration.

  1. ICOBench (

ICO Bench is a social ICO rating platform whereby anybody interested can register as an expert by filling in his or her details. In case one applies and their application is approved, then they are able to publicly rate ICOs based on three specific factors, which are, Team, Vision, and Product. This site owns its own bot known as Benchy that supports its rating platform. This bot gives an automated “ICO Profile” rating, by ensuring that enough information has been provided on the official ICO website.

ICO Bench has published a strict rating methodology that one has to follow which enables them to have accurate ratings.

  1. ICOBazaar (

This site has a very clean design and the listing pages for the ICOs are very detailed and with comprehensive information. They use user-generated reviews and outside user reviews to come up with their ICO rating scores.

  1. ICOMarks (

ICOMarks contains great search features and has a calendar tab that shows all the ICOs listed according to their dates in an easy to understand format.  The amount of information provided by a project determines how a particular ICO will be rated. This site is best to use if you want to know which project is the most active.

  1. CrushCrypto (

Crush Crypto is mainly a cryptocurrency analysis website. It does not entirely focus on ICOs; however, they have a section for ICOs. It does not have a list of ICO ratings but they have analyzed projects that they find fascinating.

Crush Crypto have a YouTube channel and in addition, are creating a YouTube Video for presenting every analysis. From their analyses, ratings are long-term based not short term, hence not suitable for people who are after short-term investments.

There you go! Those are the most reliable ICO rating sites. Study them carefully and am sure they can help one in deciding on what project to start next.

7.ICO-invest (- is a platform aimed to provide a full analysis for ICO projects based on UNIDO and EBRD international standards. Our evaluation criteria are available here

Their monitor is just for Russian speaking audience, but they are actively working on English version at the moment.

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