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Truckcoin ICO: The first truly secure blockchain payment processing platform

Every few months you will read or watch a story about an unsuspecting victim whose money or identity was stolen through credit card fraud or via popular payment processing platforms. Hackers have become exceptionally good at accessing information on popular payment processing platforms. Billions are lost each year through these platforms, and no matter what security measures are put in place, hackers still find ingenious methods to bypass them.

Fortunately, GoldenHill International Limited has created the first truly secure payment processing platform by leveraging blockchain technology. Truckcoin goes beyond simple security by integrating cryptographic security. Unlike centralized platforms that most payment processing firms used, Truckcoin uses a single ledger that is decentralized and distributed across all users. Since it is cryptographically secured, hackers are unable to access any of the funds or the information on the platforms.

Within the platform, there are additional measures used to improve security. One of them is the use of pseudonyms in the accounts. Therefore, even though all the records are visible on the blockchain to users, the pseudonyms prevent any sensitive information from being transmitted. Another security feature is the shuffling of the public keys used during ring signatures technology. As a result, the transaction history of a particular user cannot be accessed by looking at public key transaction history.

Apart from security GoldenHill International Limited has ensured that Truckcoin can complete transactions as fast as possible. This is made possible by the use of low latency APIs in the source algorithm. This enables high-volume and high-speed transactions. As a result, payment processing is done in real time regardless of the geographical location. Remittance via P2P transactions is also done in record time facilitating both B2B and B2C transactions.

All this is made possible by using an improved version of the proof-of-work (PoW) architecture. PoW is substantially more robust than PoS (proof-of-stake). Truckcoin enhances this by adopting smart contract technology to the PoW system to allow real-time transactions to be supported. GoldenHill International Limited improves on this technology by adding fast-synching to ensure completed transactions are recorded on the blockchain fast. Additionally, the distributed ledger is continually pruned and scaled to ensure that it does not exceed 2MB. This allows the e-wallet to fit into smartphones, tablet, and other handheld devices. Users can make payments at their convenience.

The success of any start-up can be determined by the success of the Pre-ICO. A good Pre-ICO indicates that the ICO will also be successful. Based on this precedence, Truckcoin is on track to becoming one of the best ICOs this year. The Pre-ICO was so successful that the coins allocated all got sold out within 24 hours. The development team expects the same enthusiasm to be seen during the ICO slated for 1st to 31st December. Investors can participate in the ICO by buying tickets worth 20-50 dollars. These tickets will be worth 3TRKCs each for the first 10 days, 2TRKCs for the next 10 days and 1TRKC in the final 10 days . Already there are hundreds of investors who have shown interest. Participate in the already ongoing Truckcoin ICO to get TRKCs at highly discounted prices. Join the party by visiting the official website or one of Truckcoin’s social media pages highlighted.

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