Uniswap Acquires NFT marketplace aggregator Genie

Ultimately, we bring more value into our ecosystem through the integration of the Uniswap web app, plus integrating NFTs into our developer APIs and widgets. This adds to our efforts of extending our product reach including both ERC-20 assets and NFTs. 

Uniswap is excited to invite you to celebrate their new milestone after acquiring Genie the premier NFT marketplace aggregator. As a Uniswap user, this new expansion will enable you to discover and trade NFTs across all major marketplaces. 

To celebrate this amazing news, Uniswap is welcoming the Genie community into our ecosystem with a huge USDC airdrop. All you need to be eligible in this airdrop is that you need to have used the Genie platform more than once before April 15th, 2022, or a holder of GENIE NFT-GEM. 

Check if you are eligible by following the next steps:

  • Visit the Dune portal here
  • Input your address (with ‘0x’) in the “Search…” field
  • If there’s any result, then you are eligible for the airdrop, enjoy .

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