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Vertex Launches First Vetted ICO Token Aftermarket

Anyone who saw how ICO markets rose in spectacular fashion during 2017, knows that a significant number of projects were set up to fail from the beginning. They raised funds nonetheless and many people were left holding useless tokens. Roughly about half of ICOs launched in 2017, have already failed, and that is without considering the scams. This is one of the fundamental problems in the space now, and Vertex has decided to provide a first of its kind solution: a vetted ICO token aftermarket.

Vertex Ecosystem Advantages for ICOs

A six-step vetting mechanism that filters 97% of the ICOs out there is the first pillar on which the Vertex aftermarket relies on. Some of the most prominent business people and investors in the world, will evaluate ICO projects to select a handful of promising projects. Once the vetting process is over, these ICOs will move through the Vertex ecosystem, in which they will find:

  • A pool of users that have gone through a KYC process that can buy their tokens and help jump-start their projects.
  • Investment from Vertex at an early stage. Vertex will buy vetted tokens to sell to its user base on the Vertex aftermarket at a preferential rate.
  • The seal of approval that getting investment from leading business people and investors bestows upon a project

How Users Benefit from the Vertex Ecosystem

The users, who are at the center of the Vertex ecosystem, will also derive many advantages from participating in this vetted ICO token aftermarket. The advantages that users get from using the aftermarket, are at the result of that first of its kind solution that Vertex has designed to select and fund only the strongest projects in the space:

  • The vetting system filters out scams.
  • It also filters out projects that are less likely to succeed.
  • Vetting brings the strongest projects to the after market at preferential prices. This is an advantage that no other project brings.
  • Additionally, Vertex will give its users the option of buying into projects that are now being sold to private investors only.
  • Vertex will also guarantee to give all its users a fair chance of buying any kind of token it offers on the aftermarket platform.

A Dynamic System Underpinned by its Own Currency

All the token purchases on the Vertex platform will be done using the VTEX token. ICOs that Vertex buys into will also have to take VTEX tokens as part of the purchase. VTEX therefore underpins the whole ecosystem, connecting ICOs and users directly. VTEX usage will close the ecosystem completely and allow it to develop further. Vertex plans to introduce more services that users and ICOs can both gain access to with VTEX tokens.

Vertex: A Comprehensive Solution

This makes Vertex the most comprehensive solution in ICO markets, and one that can lift them up to a level in which business concepts develop into fully fledged, profitable projects in the cryptocurrency space. ICOs will benefit from access to funds, expertise and an ever-growing pool of users to boost their project and deploy their businesses. Users will benefit from access to carefully vetted projects at preferential prices. The markets will benefit from higher standards when it comes to selecting the strongest projects, which will raise success rates across the board and lift the markets above the currently high rates of failure.

For more details and a more comprehensive explanation about how Vertex will implement its solution, check out their website.

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