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YOYOW: A B2B Technical provider for content platforms


Since the dawn of the internet, information has continued to decentralize as more ways of sharing and connecting people through information emerge. The internet allowed micro-content producers to reach out to their audience and the notion of niche markets has continued to grow. It is now easier for a content creator to reach out to their audience in a faster and cheaper manner. However, the challenge still remains since current content platforms  still control the revenue, the manner in which content is collected and distributed. What started as an intention to truly reward content creators has resulted in platforms gaining more value and rewards than the content creators themselves.

YOYOW (you own your own words) was created to solve this problem: bringing true value and benefits to the content creators. Unlike any another platform in the industry, YOYOW is a B2B content platform using blockchain technology to provide a mechanism for content creators to have a rational content-generated value distribution mechanism as well as value network based on content ratings. YOYOW is not another Steemit but was inspired by it to create such a platform in China and also goes a step further to add a better way of content creators to gain more value from their work. Text, photos, and videos can be rated on the platform.

The ecosystem allows authors and readers to have their own rights enabling value creation through handling fees and evaluation in the platform. As the YOYOW ecosystem grows, the value increases because the interactions between users and output content become more worthy and fees, evaluation rights, and income tokens increase.

It’s characteristics

YOYOW understand that medium and small content creators are important and growing but overlooked. They continue to be exploited by big content platform aggregators, mainly because it is difficult to create their own content platform. Big content platforms such as Weibo control over 90% of the profits. One of the main challenges is that smaller content creators cannot get access to payment platforms such as WeChat and Alipay. The big content platforms have their own payment systems embedded in them which makes it easier for them but smaller content creators do not have such payments systems and it would be costly to have them built. So they continue to rely on big players who have monopolized the payments system and eats up profits for content creators.



Despite the large content platforms occupying a large market, it is still possible for small creators to generate a mass following for their content. The opportunities to make original content and get it to the world continue to grow because of easier means of content broadcasting through platforms such as social media.

At YOYOW, we are targeting this market with some unique attractions than bigger content creators can be able to provide.

  1. One thing is that big platform only focuses on a few famous areas based on readers’ interest. Majority of other smaller areas are ignored. A major focus will be on biggest areas of content while smaller creators are overshadowed and cannot gain much publicity, feedback, and interaction with readers despite being on a large platform. Large platforms only favor big hitters in three or four sectors of content and give little room for growth for smaller players.
  2. As the platform become bigger and bigger, need for smaller platforms for conducive communication will continue to be in demand because of too much noise in the big platforms.
  3. YOYOW has partnered with MDL Talent hub , an experienced platform for talent sourcing. The partnership is expected to generate synergies since the MDL Talent team can join the YOYOW platform and begin to earn immediately while YOYOW also grows its platform leading to increased value benefits for all involved.

Potential (YOYO token)

YOYOW is poised to register massive growth because of two inherent conditions that are unique to the platform.

  1. YOYOW’s aim is to offer tools that enable small and medium content creators to build their own content platforms. We believe that users should concentrate on a few areas that they are good at and create amazing content and reduce the burden of navigating the other issues such as building a website. We provide the APP framework for enabling users to create a content platform.
  2. Incentive features; another cutting-edge is incentive mechanism which will run the platform. YOYOW ecosystem will have its token that is connected to YOYOW network and MDL and social media. A user can, therefore, use YOYOW’s account system to log in, transfer money and rewards and other things.
  3. The technology: YOYOW uses Graphene technology which has faster transaction capacity of 3,300 transactions per second and expected to continue to grow and confirmation time takes only a few seconds. This is much better than existing blockchains that takes minutes and have low transaction capacity
  4. Near- zero transfers cost from one person to another. Unlike other blockchain platforms, YOYOW network will have a negligible transfer of value. This will attract more people to the platform
  5. Account recovery: unlike blockchain such as Bitcoin where account recovery is impossible, at YOYOW we believe that accumulate reputation based on content should not be lost and should be recoverable.

YOYOW’s overall aim is to revolutionize the way content creators get rewarded through use of blockchain technology. The first step is through to social media and subsequently moving to other forms of internet such as music, mobile games, e-commerce among others and revolutionizing the current internet landscape the way Tencent did but now in a decentralized manner and giving more value to all type of content creators.

In conclusion, YOYOW’ mission is to give content creators the tools to build their own niche platforms that enable them to gain high profits from their work. As big content platforms continue to be proliferated with only big hitters as well take high fees, YOYOW will grow its network providing more value for all users. Partnership with MDL will enable YOYOW to be one of the fastest growing platforms while providing content creators a new and more efficient way of earning income from their work. You can check out more information in our social media platforms  and our website for more updates coming out soon.


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