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æternity hub Africa What The Hack! Blockchain Hackathon

æternity hub Africa is starting the year on a high note with What The Hack! A Blockchain Virtual Hackathon. The æternity blockchain company aims ‘to crowdsource solutions addressing real life business and social problems to build a blockchain developer community that generates sustained innovation‘ through the Hackathon.

The initiative is in line with their main goal of developing decentralized applications on the æternity blockchain. æternity hub Africa had a successful 2018. They managed to showcase MVPs for cheque clearance on the blockchain and crowdfunding on the blockchain. The projects are currently in development to suit the market.

According to Frank Deya the COO æternity hub Africa, What The Hack! will help strengthen the African blockchain community through collaborations, build plans for Proof of Concept (PoC) blockchain platforms,welcome new-comers to the æternity community and create a pipeline for deapps for the starfleet incubation program this April.

Participants will be required to show how trust and transparency can be achieved on their platforms by incorporating æternity blockchain to create tamper proof, anonymous and decentralized system in sectors such as banking,healthcare,education and supply chain management among others.

To help out developers starting out on Blockchain, participants will be provided with tools to learn how to build and integrate basic deapps on æternity blockchain. The hackathon winner will have access to æternity starfleet funding and incubation in April 2019. Other participants will also get to join the growing æternity developers community.To learn more about æternity blockchain and to participate in What The Hack! Sign up here.


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